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Best Safari Holidays: Our Top Picks for 2024/25

Great ideas and inspiration for a Far and Wild safari



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Published on

01 Mar 2023

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26 Mar 2024

Vehicle Safaris

We know the importance of choosing the right place to go on safari, you want to see all you can and have the best possible experiences so we've pulled together our favourite safari trips to get you inspired.

To make it easy for you, we've divided it up into categories:

  • Classic safaris
  • Wildlife specific
  • Luxury safaris
  • Family safaris
  • Active safaris
  • Off the beaten track
  • Self-drive safaris

For each trip ideas, we'll tell you the highlights and a little bit about it, but click through to the trip to get the full details.

Of course, these are simply suggestions, every holiday we create is unique and tailored to your needs.

Read on and be inspired…

Classic Safaris

These are just some of our favourite classic safari routes, some combine bush adventures and beach relaxation whilst others take you deep in to the heart of the African wilderness – these trips are considered classic for a good reason, they give you the opportunity to experience the best of your chosen destinations.

1. Kenya - Great Migration Safari and Beach


  • Witness the Great Wildebeest Migration in the Masai Mara
  • Spot big cats such as lions, leopards and cheetahs
  • Experience vibrant Masai culture
  • Watch the humpback whale migration in the Indian Ocean
  • Relax on the beautiful beaches of the Kenyan coast

Best time to go: August - September (peak season for both migrations)

This is a fantastic opportunity to witness some of the largest mammal migrations on the planet.

Firstly, head to Kenya on safari to the Masai Mara during the height of the Great Migration - one of the greatest wildlife shows on earth and if this is high on your bucket list then you will need to book early as it is a very popular time of year in Kenya.

The river crossings are an emotional experience; as the suspense builds you can almost feel the trepidation until one wildebeest has the courage to make a dash for the other side. There’s no doubt that you will be filled with excitement, heartache, adrenaline and joy as you witness mass herds of wildebeest and zebra frantically plunging through crocodile-infested river waters, with the survivors still needing to outwit and outpace the large number of predators who lie in wait on the other side.

For more details, take a look at our complete guide to where, when and how to see the Wildebeest Migration.

Masai Mara Wildebeest Migration
Great wildebeest migration - Masai Mara, Kenya
Lions In The Masai Mara
Lion populations are very good in the masai mara
Mike Doherty Jrsl Wf C 9 A Unsplash
Humpback whale migration - Indian Ocean

With our selection of striking safari lodges, you'll be perfectly placed in the heart of the Masai Mara to witness one of the greatest spectacles of the natural world as well as being surrounded by some of the densest lion populations in the whole of East Africa.

After spending a few days in awe of the Great Wildebeest Migration its time to leave the majestic Masai Mara and fly south to the beautiful Kenyan coast for the next instalment of your migration adventure, this time to go in search of humpback whales as they travel north towards warmer waters searching for suitable places to give birth to their young which are already 15 feet long and can weigh close to a tonne. This impressive whale movement started many months ago in the cold waters of the Antarctic. There are many other species to be seen such as dolphins and sharks so keep your eyes peeled.

If you are a wildlife fanatic and dream of seeing iconic species, this is a journey not to be missed.

Check out our Kenya Great Migration and Beach Safari

Ol Seki Hemingways Mara Game Drive
Game drive at Hemingway's ol seki in the masai mara
Ol  Seki  Hemingways  Lodge  Exterior
Ol seki lodge in the masai mara
Hemingways Dhow
tradtional dhow boat at hemingway's watamu

2. Tanzania - Luxury Serengeti Migration Safari


  • Witness one of the greatest wildlife spectacles of the natural world
  • Exploring the world-famous Serengeti during calving season
  • Visit the wildlife amphitheatre of the Ngorongoro Crater
  • See tree climbing lions
  • Experience a walking safari staying overnight in a mobile camp
  • Luxury tented and safari lodge accommodation

Best time to go: Dec to March

Duration: 11 days

If you're looking for an epic wildlife experience, then a safari in Tanzania will certainly tick all the boxes. Every year, millions of wildebeest and zebra cross the Serengeti, in search of fresh water and grazing pastures.

This itinerary follows the migration during calving season, a particularly exciting time as thousands of wildebeest are born, as well as zebras and gazelles. The high numbers of young and inexperienced animals are a magnet for predators such as lions, leopards and cheetahs who stalk the plains – making your chances of seeing a chase or kill very high.

Another highlight of this trip is visiting the stunning Ngorongoro Crater with stunning panoramic views from the ridge and a chance to see the Big Five on the crater floor.

Dawn W Zfpum2 G9 T1W Unsplash
Wildebeest calving season in Southern Serengeti
Ngorongoro Crater
Stunning views of the Ngorogoro Crater, Tanzania

As well as 4x4 safaris you’ll also try a canoeing safari, tree-top walks, a night safari and a walking safari sleeping out in the bush – all incredible experiences that will get your adrenalin pumping.

One of the joys of this unique Serengeti migration safari is being totally immersed in the pristine wilderness of one of the most famous national parks in Africa and having the freedom to explore some of the more remote corners where you'll encounter few other visitors.

This is an active eco-safari holiday with a difference, staying in a wonderful mixture of high-end luxury lodges, and close-to-nature tented Green Camps.

Read more about our Tanzania Luxury Migration Safari

Wayo Walking Safari
sleep under the stars in the Serengeti
Cheetahs In The Serengeti
cheetahs are found throughout the serengeti
Serengeti Plain
game drives in the serengeti

3. Botswana – Rivers, Deltas and Deserts


  • Visit three very different, incredible safari regions
  • Unbeatable wildlife viewing
  • Spot rare wild dog in Chobe National Park
  • Float down the Okavango Delta in a traditional mokoro canoe
  • Safari activities galore – including night drive and bush walks
  • Meet the San Bushmen of Nxai Pan

Best time to go: February to October

Duration: 12 Days

An incredible journey which combines exploring some of Botswana’s most iconic safari regions with some of the best safari guides in Africa - this is truly Botswana at its finest.

Firstly, your adventure in Botswana begins as you explore the Linyanti Region of Chobe National Park, which is regarded as one of the best places to see the critically endangered wild dog. Overall, this is a superb area to spot predators with particular high populations of lion and leopard as well as large herds of elephants. Your guide will do their best to make sure you see and experience everything you can.

WIld Dog Afternoons
The hunt for African wild dogs
Breathtaking Linyanti Sunsets
Stunning sunsets in Linyanti, Chobe National Park

Then it is on to the infamous Okavango Delta to explore the vast waterways and which is particularly famous for its high number’s elephants or predators, making for some spectacular wildlife viewing. A highlight is drifting calmly down the river in a mokoros (a traditional dugout canoe) which allows you to watch wildlife from a new perspective. You’ll also enjoy night game drives, boat cruises and guided walks.

The final leg takes you towards Nxai Pan National Park. The desert here is a stark contrast to the Okavango Delta and you’ll have the opportunity to meet the San Bushmen and of course enjoy rich wildlife viewing.

Find out more about our Botswana - Rivers, Deltas and Deserts Safari

Game Drive From Splash Camp
Safari game drives in the Okavango Delta
Okavango Delta
The flood plains of the Okavango Delta
Nxai Pan Camp Baines Baobab
Baine's Boababs are a natural, historic landmark in Botswana

4. South Africa - Cape Town, Winelands and Kruger Safari


  • Beautiful accommodation, hand-picked by our South Africa travel expert
  • Explore cosmopolitan Cape Town
  • Penguins at Boulders Beach
  • Climb Table Mountain
  • Wine tasting trip on the famous Franschhoek Wine Tasting tram
  • Big five safari experience in the world-famous Kruger National Park

Best time to go: April - October

Duration: 16 days

A triple-whammy of the best places to visit in South Africa and giving you a perfectly varied trip.

Begin your journey through some of the best that South Africa has to offer in cosmopolitan Cape Town where you can climb the iconic Table Mountain, walk alongside penguins of Boulders Beach, and enjoy their world-famous restaurants.

From Cape Town, it’s a short journey to Franschhoek for an epic wine tasting adventure, including a trip on the lovely, quaint wine tram which takes you to five different vineyards in the region… you can sit back, relax, taste wonderful wines and not have to worry about driving.

Finally, it’s on to the Kruger National Park to get your safari and wildlife fix – go in search of legendary African wildlife, including the Big Five and many more in one of the world’s best wildlife destinations.

Find out more about our South Africa - Cape Town, Winelands and Kruger Safari

Table Mountain
Table Mountain, South Africa
Wine  Tram
The Franschhoek wine tram
Garonga Safari Camp Game Drive Copy
safaris in kruger national park

Specific wildlife safaris

The world is full of resplendent wildlife and everyone has bucket list species and destinations that they want to tick off their list. Here is just a few examples of our favourite specific wildlife journeys that we have put together.

If you have a dream to sit peacefully in the company of mountain gorillas in Rwanda, track rhinos in Kenya or to see as many big cats as possible in the Serengeti, we’re experts at creating tailor-made journeys to give you the best opportunity to fulfil those long-awaited ambitions.

5. Rwanda – Gorilla Trekking


  • Mountain gorilla trekking in Volcanos National Park
  • Chimpanzee and other primate trekking activities
  • Explore beautiful Lake Kivu with its sandy beaches and safe swimming
  • Boutique accommodation
  • Experience the vibrant and warm culture of Rwanda

Best time to go: May to December

There are very few wildlife experiences which compare with the chance to spend time with one of our closest living relatives, the mountain gorillas. Being able to spend time with these noble primates in their natural environment is simply an unforgettable experience.

Not only will you be able to go in search of mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park, you’ll have the chance to go chimpanzee and golden monkey tracking, experiencing a broad range of primates in their natural forest homes. There’s also an incredible forest canopy walk, giving you a view of the pristine forests from a completely different perspective.

You also enjoy the chance to relax on the sandy beaches of Lake Kivu where it is also safe to go swimming, boating and fishing. Keep an eye out for the amazing Singing Fishermen of Lake Kivu who head out under the cover of darkness using lamps and their melodic voices to coordinate their fishing.

Rwanda is packed full of incredible wildlife and stunning landscapes – this trip will also give you the opportunity to experience it’s vibrant culture with visits to local markets and also the genocide museum in Kigali which gives an extremely moving and factual account of Rwanda’s recent history.

This journey is crammed full of highlight, which we have only just begun to tell you about…

Learn more about our Gorillas, primates and landscapes of Rwanda journey

Volcanoes National Park Copy
Volcanoes national park - Rwanda
One And Only Nyungwe House Gorillas Nest Copy
mountain gorillas - volcanoes national park, rwanda
Golden Monkeys In Volcanoes National Park Copy
Golden monkeys - volcanoes national park, Rwanda

6. Madagascar - Unique wildlife and lemurs


  • Spot endemic lemurs including the famous ring-tail and dancing lemurs
  • Experience the culture of this unique island
  • Explore pristine beaches
  • Visit and photograph the beautiful Alley of Baobabs
  • Night walks to experience incredible nocturnal wildlife

Best time to go: May - September

Duration: 14 nights

This is an adventure to explore and see the best wildlife that the unique island of Madagascar has to offer. You’ll visit several of the country’s best wildlife areas giving you a remarkably diverse experience in one of the most phenomenal wildlife destinations on the planet.

Days will be spent exploring the pristine forests in search of the myriad of lemur species of Madagascar including the adorable ring-tailed and dancing lemurs, (did you know that there are well over 100 different lemur species). Madagascar is home to a myriad of indigenous and unique wildlife including the fosa, Madagascar’s largest wild predator and of course the prolific and hugely diverse birdlife.

Not only will you have the opportunity to see this island’s incredible wildlife, you’ll be able to learn about the commendable work carried out by NGO’s who work with local communities as they work to protect and restore Madagascar’s unique forests.

This is a safari destination with a difference, there’s nowhere else like it on the planet meaning you’ll be in for a once in a life-time experience.

Find out more about our beautiful journey to experience The Wildlife and Lemurs of Madagascar

Ringtailed Lemurs In Berenty Reserve Copy
Ring-tailed lemurs, Madagascar
Waterfall In Amber Mountain National Park Copy
amber mountain national park
Baobab Avenue In Madagascar Copy
Baobab Avenue, Madagascar

7. Kenya – Rhinos conservation safari


  • Rhino tracking on foot in Lewa Conservancy
  • Learn about vital conservation work
  • Meet the vibrant and colourful Masai and Samburu tribes
  • Search for the famous African Big Five

Best time to go: February - November

Duration: 11 days

This is a safari which not only exposes you to the iconic yet endangered wildlife of the African continent but also the important conservation work being carried out to ensure their safety for generations to come.

South Africa Kwandwe Rhino Conservation
Black rhino conservation
Saruni Samburu Tribe Copy
Samburu tribe, Kenya
Discovering Conservation Kenya Safari
Discover some of the conservation projects in Kenya

Track the critically endangered black rhino on foot in the award winning Lewa and Sera Community Conservancies and learn about important conservation and community projects which help protect not only the wildlife but their natural habitats - projects such as Land & Life Foundation, Mara Elephant Project, Pack For A Purpose.

You will also have the chance to visit and interact with authentic, colourful tribal communities of the Samburu and Masai people. A truly wonderful and welcoming experience as you learn about their culture and ancestry.

Of course the incredible wildlife you see on safari remains a huge highlight of this trip – you’ll have the chance to see the Big Five as well as many endangered species such as Grevy Zebras, the long-necked Gerenuk. If you’re lucky, you may even see one of Africa’s most endangered predators… the African painted wolf.

A wonderful safari, learning and taking part in important conservation work, staying in stunning safari lodges and seeing an enormous array of wildlife… this is a beautiful safari which will leave you with a deeper appreciation of African wildlife and culture.

Find out more about our Discovering Conservation Safari

Rhino Tracking With Saruni In Sera Conservancy
Masai Mara Hot Air Ballooning Copy
balloon safari over the masai mara
Maasai Mara Elephants
Elephants in the Masai Mara

8. Sao Tome and Principe – Turtles and Beaches


  • Untouched paradise islands
  • Visit coffee and cocoa plantations
  • Stroll along pristine, tropical beaches
  • Exceptional bird watching
  • Take part in turtle monitoring and research activities
  • See turtles nesting, laying their eggs or hatchlings dashing towards the ocean

Best time to go: late October - March

Duration: 14 nights

There are few true, unspoilt paradises left in the world, but the islands of Sao Tome and Principe off the equatorial coast of Western Africa remain. Crammed full of colourful, vibrant culture, stunning wildlife and pristine beaches, go now before everyone else does.

Wake up to the chatter of forest parrots and then spend the day exploring the island of Sao Tome which has some stunning coffee and chocolate plantations (did you know it makes some of the best chocolate in the world?), as well as pristine beaches to stroll along.

After a few tranquil days, settling into tropical island life, you will head to Principe where you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the amazingly diverse wildlife the island has to offer from endemic tropical birds to whales and of course turtles.

You will have the chance to take part in valuable turtle research, which is a truly rewarding and memorable experience. If you are lucky, you might even see turtles hatching and watch these little hatchling dash across the sand before disappearing into the waves.

Check out our fantastic Sao Tome and Principe Turtle Conservation Experience

Principe Island 8 Copy
the beautiful island of principe
Beach On Principe Bom Bom Resort
one of the many pristine beaches of Sao Tome and Principe
Turtle Kosi Day
turtle nesting - sao tome and principe

Luxury Safaris Experiences

If you’re looking to combine the best wildlife experiences possible with the pinnacle of safari lodges and camps then we can create your ultimate journey. Using our in-depth knowledge and expertise we can tailor make an unrivalled journey to surpass your expectations creating memories which will last a life time and leave you yearning to come back for more.

Below are just an indication of the amazing safari experiences we can create, tailoring to your bespoke requirements.

9. Botswana – Exclusive safari experience


  • Explore the wonderous Okavango Delta.
  • Stay in the stylish, secret paradise of Mombo Camp.
  • Exceptional, exclusive game viewing including the Big Five
  • Safari river cruise on a luxuriant houseboat along the Chobe River.
  • Stay in the famous Zarafa Camp (Included in National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of the World).
  • Private charter flights throughout your safari.

Duration: 14 days

Best time to go: April to October

Treat yourself with this exquisite, ultra-luxury safari to experience some of the best that Botswana has to offer and indulge in some crème-de-la-crème of exclusive wildlife viewing and lodges.

Little Mombo Camp Aerial
Fly in to your first safari stop at Little Mombo Camp, Okavango Delta
Mombo  Camp Lion Safari
Mombo Camp has resident prides of lions
Elephants In The Okavango Delta
elephants in the Okavango Delta

The accommodation has been hand-picked to place you in the heart of nature without compromising on style – the heavenly Mombo Camp, for example, has been created 2m off the ground so you can wander safety whilst watching the animals freely below.

The Okavango Delta is a renowned safari destination and with good reason. Go in search of lion, leopard, large herds of buffalo and elephants, cheetah, wild dog, hyena and giraffe. Then on to the Chobe River for a few nights onboard the Zambezi Queen – a luxury houseboat which will take you gently along a river which is famed for its impressive elephant populations.

Every detail has been carefully considered meaning all you need to do is relax into your surroundings and enjoy the wonderful wildlife and warm culture that Botswana is famous for.

Find out more about our Botswana Exclusive Safari Experience

Zafara Camp Sunset Dining And View
zafara camp- botswana
Helicopter Flight In  Okavango  Delta
take a helicopter flight over the okavango Delta
Zambezi Queen Exterior 1
The exquisite Zambezi Queen river boat

10. South Africa & Mozambique – Sabi Sands safari and luxurious beach


  • Stay in Chitwa Chitwa, one of the finest safari lodges in the Sabi Sands
  • Safari activities include night drives and bush walks
  • Go in search of the famous African Big Five
  • Arrive in Azura Benguerra by helicopter
  • Private pool and butler service at your villa in Azura Benguerra
  • Exceptional snorkelling

A stunning combination of two of Southern Africa’s most renowned destinations to give you the best of both a safari experience and an idyllic beach escape.

The first part of this classic yet luxuriant Southern Africa escape takes you to the world-renowned Sabi Sands, famous for its incredible big cat sightings, including leopard and stay in the private luxury of Chitwa Chitwa. Staying in a private reserve means you’ll be able to go off-road to give you a more up close and personal safari experience with stunning African wildlife as well as night drives and bush walks.

After four incredible nights on safari, it’s a short journey to the stunning coast of the Indian Ocean, Mozambique for a few nights of unadulterated luxury at Azura Benguerra, where you can do as little or as much as you care. The diving and snorkelling are fantastic, boat trips and private lunches on secluded islands and sandbars, all combined with attentive service and lovely accommodation – paradise indeed.

Read more and be inspired by our South African and Mozambique Private Safari and Beach Getaway

Chitwa Chitwa Lodge View Copy
The beautiful Chitwa Chitwa Private Game Reserve, South Africa
Singita Boulders Lodge Wildlife7
sabi sands is famous for it's high leopard populations
Azura Benguerra Villa Amizade At Sunset Copy
Azura Benguerra villa at sunset

Family Safari Experiences

We know the intricacies that go into planning a family safari holidays, ensuring that the needs and expectations of everyone are considered, making sure children are entertained in meaningful ways throughout the journey, as well as giving you ample time to relax, recharge and enjoy your surroundings – in short making sure that everyone has the best time possible.

We’ve crafted brilliant family safaris, here are some of our favourites to give you a little taste of what we can tailor make for your family.

11. Botswana - Affordable Family Safari Adventure


  • Stay at family-focused safari camps.
  • Safari guides who are fantastic at keeping your kids engaged
  • Safari experiences for the whole family to enjoy together
  • Look for lions, leopards and wild dogs in Khwai conservancy
  • Child-friendly nature walks, crafts and cooking lessons
  • Float along the Okavango Delta in a Mokoro (traditional canoe)
  • Create family memories which will last a lifetime

Best time to go: March - October

Duration: 9 days

Our Botswana expert has compiled what we know is the perfect family safari in Botswana.

1 Khwai Tented Camp Main Area At Night Copy
The stunning and family friendly Khwai Tented Camp, Okavango Delta
20 Khwai Tented Camp Game Drive
Spectacular wildlife viewing at Khwai Tented Camp, Okavango Delta
Oddballs Camp Mokoro
Enjoy family canoe trips in the okavango delta

The guides at the camps we have selected are fantastic at interacting with children of all ages, engaging with them and teaching them about wildlife in a language that they understand. Not only will you family enjoy safari drives in stunning wilderness areas, your children can go on safe nature walks around camp, with the guide of course. Arts and craft and cooking lessons all tailored with youngers guests in mind… but of course, parents are more than welcome to take part in the fun too… or sit back and relax with a cool drink, safe in the knowledge that your children are in the safest of hands.

The adventure starts along the Khwai River, famous for its high density of predators such as lions, leopards, hyena and wild dog – the perfect place to settle into the safari experience. Then it is on to the world-famous Okavango Delta and Chobe River areas of Botswana which are also renowned for their astonishingly rich wildlife populations. Here you will be able to see Africa’s famous Big Five and much, much more….

Find out more about our Affordable Botswana Family Adventure

Linyanti Bush Camp Chobe Enclave Botswana Herd Of Elephant 5Sw2547 2 118
go in search of elephants and other wildlife in Botswana
Splash 39 Of 111
relax by the pool at the awesome splash camp
Linyanti Ebony 002
the idyllic linyanti ebony bush camp

12. Malawi - Safari and Lake Malawi


  • Explore one of the most beautiful countries in Southern Africa
  • Safari in Malawi's only Big Five park
  • Bush walks to experience the African wilderness on foot
  • Tranquil experience avoiding the crowds
  • Visit the stunning Lake of Stars
  • Try sailing, kayaking, snorkelling and waterskiing

Best time to go: May - October

Duration: 8 nights in Malawi

A short but brilliant Malawi family safari will certainly give you a fantastic introduction to this often-overlooked safari destination.

Malawi is affectionately known as the ‘warm heart of Africa’ and is packed full of beautiful scenery, mountainous tea plantations, of course, the stunning Lake Malawi and tonnes of wildlife. And because most of the safari crowd head to other, more well-known destinations you are sure have a tranquil safari experience.

Malawi is a conservation success story and you will get to experience the magnificent Majete Wildlife Reserve by safari game drive as well as bush walks, which are probably the best and most sensory way to experience the majesty of the African bushveld.

No trip to Malawi would be complete without visiting the Lake of Stars, which got its name because on a clear and calm night, the ocean of stars in the sky is reflected in the waters of the lake creating a magical effect. Lake Malawi is also known as one of the best fresh water snorkelling sites in the world.

Your introduction to Malawi will certainly stay with you for a lifetime and a longing to return.

Find out more about our Malawi - Majete Wildlife and Lake Malawi Experience

Majete Walking Safari
walking safari in majete game reserve - Malawi
Try A Boat Safari From  Mkulumadzi Lodge
Boat safari in Majete Game Reserve
Stars Lake Malawi
Stars over Lake Malawi

13. Tanzania - Active family safari


  • Bushwalks through the Serengeti
  • Game drives in the Ngorongoro Crater
  • Canoe safaris in Arusha National Park
  • Sleep under the stars in the midst of the African wilderness
  • See the Serengeti migration

Best time to go: April - July

Duration: 12 days

A family Tanzania adventure with a difference. Experience the legendary Serengeti on foot with bushwalks, canoe safaris in Arusha National Park and enjoy the excitement of sleeping under the stars in the African wilderness. All under the supervision of highly trained guides who know how to get the very best out of your daily activities.

This incredible, off the beaten track family safari holiday is packed full of activities away from the crowds but without giving up comfort and convenience. And of course, no trip to Tanzania would be complete without going on safaris to spot Africa’s famous Big Five and the Great Wildebeest Migration as it roams the vast plains of the Serengeti and it’s high populations of lions, leopards and cheetah.

This adventure will put your family in the very heart of nature and in the midst of one of the richest wildlife areas in the world, and it will have the entire family reminiscing for years to come…

Find out more about our Northern Tanzania Family Adventure

Canoeing Arusha Np With Buffaloes
Canoe safaris in Arusha National Park
Wayo Walking In Serengeti
Walking safari in the serengeti
Wayo Walking Safari
sleep under the african stars

14. Kenya – A Family Safari Adventure


  • Experience three different eco-systems in diverse Kenya
  • Immersive Kids Bush School
  • Sleep under the stars fly camping
  • Exceptional and private game viewing in the Masai Mara
  • Safari activities including day and night game drives and bush walks
  • Boat cruises and snorkelling in the pristine Indian Ocean
  • Family-friendly accommodation throughout

Best time to go: April to October

Duration: 10 days

A wonderful family safari experience which will take you into the heart of three distinct regions of Kenya.

Photo 26 04 2018 21 47 19
The family friendly El Karama Safari Lodge
El Karama Fly Camping
family flay camping at el karama
Mara Bush Homes Masai Mara Kenya
Mara Bush House - Masai Mara

Firstly to El Karama lodge in Laikipia in northern Kenya which offers an abundance of safari activities to keep the entire family more than occupied. Day and night safari game drives to go in search of the famous African wildlife, guided bush walks, fly camping in the African wilderness, camel trekking and of course the brilliant El Karama Kids Bush School which provides endless fun and educational activities such as wildlife tracking, paw print cast making and cooking in the interactive kitchen.

Then it’s on to the magic of the Masai Mara where the family will spend three nights exploring one of the best wildlife viewing destinations in the world, all in the secluded privacy of the Mara’s Northern Conservancies. Big cat and predator populations are at a premium here so expect to see lions, leopards and cheetah.

Lastly but not least, it’s time for some well-deserved beach time at the brilliant Alfajari Villas, where you can do as little or as much as you like. For the more adventurous you can kite-surf, paddle board, snorkel and even go scuba diving.

This Kenya family adventure will certainly give the whole family a wonderful and tailored safari experience with the only drawback being, you’ll be wanting to plan your next adventure as soon as you get home.

Explore our brilliant Kenya Family Safari and Beach Adventure

Masai  Mara Landscape
Masai Mara landscape
Alfajiri Villas Garden Villa View
Views from a private villa at Alfajiri
Alfajiri Villas Children Swimming
Swimming lessons at Alfajiri Villas

Active Safari Experiences

If you’re looking for a safari which is focused on being active whether it’s bushwalks tracking the big five, mountain biking, horse riding or climbing one of the many mountains in Africa – we have some excellent ideas to help you explore Africa rather than simply going on a more traditional vehicle based safari.

15. South Africa - Walk in the footsteps of African icons


  • Led by highly experienced African guides, be immersed in the natural world
  • Explore the African wilderness on foot in private areas part of the Kruger National Park
  • Potential to encounter iconic African wildlife, including the Big Five on foot
  • Sleep under the stars in areas of pristine wilderness
  • An environmentally friendly safari experience
  • Boutique accommodation in cosmopolitan Cape Town

Best time to go: April - October

Duration: 10 days

3 Africa On Foot Walking Safaris111
Experience the big five on foot in Africa
Tanda Tula Walking Encounters Copy
Walking safari in South Africa
Emgatland 99421
Sleep under the stars in the African bush

If you want to experience Africa from a different perspective, then this South African walking safari is right up your street.

Part one takes you on a safari adventure where even the most rugged 4x4 vehicles struggle to reach. By this we mean you will be able to experience the African wilderness on foot. Led by expert guides, you will spend three days and four nights exploring the bush, tracking and learning about African wildlife, including the Big Five in a private area of the Greater Kruger National Park which is famously teeming with wildlife.

It’s an adventure which awakens your senses as you become more attuned to the natural world around you, discovering the intricacies and finer details of the natural world around you… and imagine the exhilaration of tracking and encountering wildlife on foot, potentially even herds of elephants, rhino, big cats and the vast array of species which call Africa home. As this safari experience is done on foot, it has the bonus of having much less of an environmental impact than one which is purely done by safari vehicle.

Then after your wild experience is over, you will have a few days to relax and unwind in cosmopolitan Cape Town where you can do as much or as little as you care. As well as Table Mountain and Boulders Beach, the Cape Town area is famous for its world class vineyards where you can hope on a tram and take a fantastic wine tour.

There are so many highlights so check it out for yourself - South Africa Walking in the footsteps of icons

Jo9 A06101
Bushwalking in South Africa
Abbey Manor Mountain View
The boutique Abbey Manor Guesthouse, Cape Town
Penguins Boulders Beach
The famous penguins at Boulders Beach, Cape Town

16. Tanzania - Walking safari and adventure


  • Great Migration game drives
  • Bush walks across the Serengeti
  • Tree top and crater walks around the renowned Ngorogoro Crater
  • Mountain bike through rural villages
  • Flamingos and tree climbing lions in Manyara
  • Guided by one of the best guides in all of Tanzania

Best time to go: All year – the camp follows the Great Migration

Duration: 9 days

Experience and enjoy Tanzania with an Active Safari, which takes you through some of the best regions that Northern Tanzania has to offer…

Tanzania is one of the most famous wildlife destinations in the world and with good reason. The Great Wildebeest Migration spends the majority of the year wandering the vast plains of the Serengeti and you’ll be able to witness it for yourself first-hand, by both vehicle and on foot.

On this fantastic journey, you'll certainly be kept active... Mountain bike through local communities, learning about their rural lifestyles, climb waterfalls, swim in rock pools, forest canopy and lakeside walks. All whilst being guided by some of the finest ecological guides in Africa and staying at beautiful green camps which get you close to nature as well as high-end luxury lodges.

Find out more about our Northern Tanzania Walking and Adventure Safari

Wayo  Walking In  Serengeti
Bush walks in the Serengeti
Biking On Safari In Tanzania
biking on safari in tanzania
Lake Manyara Treetop Canopy Walkway
lake manyara treetop canopy walkway

17. Botswana Active Safari


  • Walking with the Zu’ bushmen – soaking up their incredible knowledge
  • Spend time with amazing Meerkats
  • Canoeing in mokoros through the Okavango Delta
  • Exploring Moremi with its high predator populations
  • Witnessing the power of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Best time to go: April - October

Duration: 11 days

An ideal active safari for those wanting to get out of the vehicle, stretch their legs and experience the African wilderness on foot.

Khwai Tented Camp Moremi Reserve Botswana Walking Safari With Elephant 661
Experience the big five on foot in botswana
6Camp Kalahari  Bedroom Tent At Sunrise
wake up with stunning sunrises in the kalahari
Meerkats 11
encounter meerkats in the kalahari

Right from the get-go you’ll be thrust in to the action by firstly heading deep in to the Central Kalahari and exploring the semi-arid saltpans of Makgadikgadi with it’s incredible wildlife diversity and plenty of activities to keep you on your toes. Walk with the Zu’/hoasi bushmen, learning about their culture and traditions as well as having the opportunity to spend time with impossibly adorable meerkats.

From the Central Kalahari, you’ll travel to the Okavango Delta which is world-famous for its diversity and abundance of wildlife. There is a plethora of activities to keep you busy here too, from bushwalks, safari game drive and morkoro canoe trips along the many waterways of the pristine wilderness areas.

The wilderness areas which you’ll visit are predator rich with leopards and wild dogs making them very special places as well as great populations of other iconic African wildlife.

After your bush adventure, it’s on to Victoria Falls, famous for its stunning and powerful waterfall. The adventure doesn’t have to stop here as there’s plenty of activities from bungee jumping, gorge swinging, bush walks, helicopter and boat cruises around the falls.

If you’re keen for an adventure and love excitement and adrenaline, this is the perfect active safari for you.

Read more about our Botswana Active Safari

Leopard On A Trunk Khwai Tented Camp Botswana African Bush Camps 2
leopards are successful in the okavango delta
Khwai Tented Camp Moremi Reserve Botswana Mokoro Safari 541
enjoy canoe safaris through the okavango delta
Victoria Falls
the wonderous victoria falls

Off the Beaten Track Safari Experiences

Sometimes you have the urge to properly disconnect, to explore the less busy destinations and escape the crowds. We’re experts in travelling throughout Africa and our off the beaten tracks safaris are designed to give you an immersive experience, taking you right in to the heart of wilderness areas and authentic cultures to simply give you a greater appreciation of the world around you.

18. Botswana - Privately Guided Mobile Safari


  • Privately guided by one of the most renowned guides in Botswana
  • Witness the beauty of the Okavango Delta, Central Kalahari and Meno A Kwena
  • Go in search of huge black-maned lions, leopards and cheetah
  • Potential to see some of the largest herds of elephants in all of Southern Africa
  • Disconnect and immerse yourself in pristine African wilderness areas
Best time to go: March - June

Duration: 11 days

This trip is a firm favourite of all our African experts who have lived and worked as safari rangers in Africa, so you know it is bound to be an amazing experience.

Explore the Central Kalahari, famous for its huge, black-maned lions, cheetah, beautiful oryx, springbok and honey badgers. Then travel towards Meno A Kwena and Moremi which famously Prince Harry and Megan spent their honeymoon. Meno A Kwena commands incredible views over the Boteti River where huge herds, sometimes numbering hundreds of elephants come down to drink in the late afternoon. What a sight that must behold….

Then it is time to drive in to one of the most incredible and pristine wildlife viewing areas of the world. The Okavango Delta, with high densities of plains game, large predators such as lions and leopards and of course… huge herds of elephants. Your expert guide knows this area like it’s his own backyard, so you’ll know doubt see and experience a lot of hidden gems which many other people miss…

This is a safari road trip which will take you through some of the remotest, most pristine and wildlife rich areas of Africa… an adventure not to be missed if you really want to disconnect.

Find out more about our Botswana Privately Guided Mobile Safari

Deep Kalahari Lion
privately guided through stunning botswana
Guest Tent Interior
traditional and comfortable mobile safari tents
Meno A Kwena Aerial View
Aerial view of Boteti River

19. Ethiopia - Remote tribes and rare wildlife


  • Explore the Bale Mountains in search of the endangered Ethiopian Wolf
  • Spectacular scenery throughout
  • Meet the tribes of the Omo Valley
  • Tranquil boat trips
  • Get a true sense of Ethiopian culture

Best time to go: May - October

Duration: 12 days

Southern Ethiopia offers a markedly contrasting experience from the rest of Ethiopia, let alone the rest of Africa as you know it. Exceptional scenery of the Great Rift Valley, fascinating people and cultures of the Omo Valley and highly localised wildlife all await you as you explore Ethiopia.

This journey will take you to the breathtaking Bale Mountains which host some of Ethiopia’s most spectacular scenery and a diverse array of wildlife – including the world’s most endangered canid, the Ethiopian wolf.

You will venture to the legendary Omo Valley, passing the normal ‘tourist stopping point’ and on to a secluded camp tucked away on the banks of the Omo River far away from the normal crowds. You’ll be hosted by one of the best local guides in the region as they immerse you into the culture of the many local tribes of the area. If you are looking for an authentic experience away from the normal tourist route then this is a phenomenal opportunity.

Read more about our Ethiopia Southern Explorer Safari

Bale Mountains Np Harenna Visitors Morning
Bale Mountains National Park - Ethiopia
Lale Guide
Lale - your awesome guide through the Omo Valley
Omo Valley
Colourful tribes of the omo valley

20. Namibia - Ancient deserts and mesmerising canyons


  • Explore the remote beauty of Namibia, on your own timetable
  • Exquisite accommodation, hand-picked by our Namibia expert
  • Visit iconic areas of Namibia such as the mountainous dunes of Sossusvlei, Western Kalahari and Fish River Canyon
  • Highlight filled self-drive adventure

Best time to go: April - October

Duration: 15 days

Fancy a road trip through some of the more remote, yet stunning regions of Namibia? This self-drive trip is not so much focused on wildlife, it’s about getting off the beaten track and exploring some of the finest regions, landscapes and activities that Namibia has to boast… and it has plenty to boast about.

The journey will take you from Windhoek to the Western Kalahari Desert, through the fantastic Fish River Canyon, the almost mountainous dunes of Sossusvlei, with many more highlights and culminating in Wolwedans Nature Reserve, which is a famed dark sky nature reserve and a stunning last stop for this brilliant Namibian journey.

This adventure packs in a lot and rightly so… Peter, our Namibia expert has hand-picked, exquisite accommodation – all of which command superfluous vistas and a homely feel.

If getting off the beaten track is high up on your bucket list then this journey will be right up your street.

Find out more about our Ancient Deserts of Southern Namibia Safari

Namibia  Photo  Credit  Wolwedans
stunning skies and landscapes await in Namibia
Overlooking Fish River Canyon
overlooking fish river canyon, Namibia
Frl Ext Lodge Night 01 Cmyk V1
the night skies are simply striking in Namibia

21. Uganda – An ultimate adventure


  • Mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi National Forest
  • Chimpanzee habituation trekking in Kibale National Park
  • Safari game drives in Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls National Parks
  • Go in search of tree climbing lions in Ishasha Wilderness Area
  • Climb one of the most scenic waterfalls in all of East Africa

Best time to go: April to late September

Duration: 14 nights

This ultimate and comprehensive adventure through the Pearl of Africa will take you to some of the best wildlife areas that Uganda and East Africa has offer.

Mountain gorilla in Bwindi Forest and chimpanzee trekking in Kibale National Park have been described as some of the most rewarding wildlife experiences you can have. Seeing our closest living relatives in the wild is certainly a moving experience and this ultimate Uganda adventure gives you the opportunity to do both. Uganda is one of the most beautiful and friendly countries in Africa – you’ll be able to experience some of the best that it has to offer, travelling through stunning landscapes, climbing magnificent waterfalls and mountains, experiencing colourful culture, boat cruises on Lake Victoria and Lake Albert – all combined with some of the greatest wildlife diversity in all of Africa.

Discover more about our Uganda Ultimate Adventure Safari

Gorilla  A  Robert  Brierley
Mountain gorilla trekking - Bwindi Forest, Uganda
Murchison Falls Lydia Nandudu
Murchison Falls National Park - Uganda
Bush Breakfast Ishasha Wilderness Camp
Bush breakfast in Ishasha wildnerss area

22. Zambia – Kasanka and the Bat Migration


  • Witness the largest mammal migration on the planet in Kasanka National Park
  • Explore pristine, remote areas of Zambia
  • Visit South Luangwa National Park, famed for its leopard and wild dog populations.
  • Experience local cultures of Zambia

Best time to go: November

Duration: 8 days

A wildlife safari experience with a difference in brilliant Zambia.

Every year in Zambia, a unique wildlife phenomenon occurs, it’s the largest mammal migration on Earth, and it’s not the Great Wildebeest Migration – it’s the bat migration which occurs only in one area of Zambia each year. Kasanka National Park.

Combine more traditional game drives in search of the Big Five as well as bush walks and authentically experiencing the diverse culture of Zambia in South Luangwa National Park.

Then it’s on to Kasanka National Park to witness one of the greatest wildlife spectacles in the natural world. Over ten million Straw-coloured fruit bats descend on Kasanka after migrating from Central Africa - You can enjoy this unique phenomenon in a private tree top hide as millions of bats disperse with the backdrop of dusk and beautiful African sunset.

Discover more about our Zambia and Kasanka Bat Migration Safari

Bat Migration Zambia
Bat Migration, Kasanka National Park - Zambia
Chiawa Camp Leopard Inches Away From The 4X4
Leopards are successful in South Luangwa
Kawaza Village
Kawaza Village - Zambia

Self-drive Safari Experiences

If you want to take your journey at your own pace and love to explore on your own agenda than a self-drive experience is right up your street.

Our Africa experts have all travelled and driven through Africa meaning they are perfectly placed to help you create your very own self-drive safari through iconic destinations whether it’s heading to bucket-list sights or exploring more remote, off-the-beaten-track regions.

23. Zimbabwe – A classic self-drive route through Zimbabwe


  • Explore the beautiful Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe by road, taking in some fantastic sights
  • Travel through stunning vistas and lands filled with green rolling hills
  • Wander beautiful nature trails, go mountain biking and horse riding
  • Enjoy safari game drives in stunning Gonaerzhou National Park
  • Explore the ruins of Great Zimbabwe – the legendary home of the Queen of Sheba

Best time to go: April to October

Duration: 14 days

Our Zimbabwe self-drive adventure has been crafted with two very specific intentions. Firstly, to take you to some of the less well-known parts of Zimbabwe and secondly to highlight this is a country where self-driving is safe, practical and easy.

This route will take you to some exciting places and allow for you to experience and explore at your own pace. It’s a classic combination of adventure, beautiful scenery, history and of course iconic African wildlife.

Explore our Classic Self-Drive Zimbabwe Route

Chilo Gorge
Chilo Gorge - Zimbabwe
Elephants Crossing The River By Chilo Gorge Tented Camp
Elephants crossing a river - Zimbabwe
Ruins At Great Zimbabwe
Great Zimbabwe – legendary home of the Queen of Sheba

24. Botswana self-drive adventure with relaxing Cape Town


  • Self-drive exploration regions throughout Chobe National Park and Okavango Delta
  • Visit Victoria Falls, one of the most famous waterfalls in the whole of Africa
  • Go in search of iconic African wildlife in pristine wilderness areas
  • Camping in remote, tranquil areas throughout Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta
  • Stay in the heart of Cape Town in contemporary accommodation
  • Experience the best that Cape Town has to offer

Best time to go: April to October

Duration: 19 days

A self-drive adventure through some of the wildlife abundant game reserves of Botswana, culminating in serious contemporary style in cosmopolitan Cape Town.

An epic self-drive adventure if ever we’ve created one. Starting at the world-famous Victoria Falls (Zambia side), you’ll then collect your 4x4 vehicle with camping equipment included and begin your adventure through some of the most wildlife abundant and diverse regions in Botswana.

Explore the Chobe National Park and Okavango Delta, discovering the infamous Khwai and Savuti regions. The latter has been synonymous for mega-prides of lions, famous for their elephant hunting tactics. You will get a true appreciation of the African wilderness on these first legs of your journey.

The second leg of your journey will take you to the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa, filled with it’s contemporary buzz and no shortage of activities and sights for you to see. Hike up Table Mountain, visit the penguins of Boulders Beach, take a wine tour… the list is endless...

Find out more about our Botswana Self Drive Adventure

Makgadikgadi Pans In Botswana
Self-drive through iconic regions of Botswana
Self Drive
experience the true wilderness of Botswana
Sunset Over Table Mountain
sunset over the world famous table mountain, Cape Town

25. Kruger National Park Self-Drive and Mozambique beach escape


  • Drive through mountainous escarpments and superlative vistas in South Africa, taking in the sights of the famous Panorama Route
  • Self-drive in the famous Kruger National Park in search of iconic African wildlife, including the famous Big Five.
  • Your time is yours, explore until your heart is content.
  • Boutique beachfront accommodation in Mozambique
  • Relax in one of the most pristine marine environments in Southern Africa

Best time to go: March to October/November

Duration: 13 days

Explore South Africa’s wonderous Kruger region before heading to Mozambique filled with lazy days and pristine beaches. This is a classic self-drive combination which allows you to do go at your own pace, your own timetable and to explore where you want to go, so you determine what you want to see and experience.

Firstly, take your time and explore the stunning Panorama Route as you drive towards the infamous Kruger National Park – the Panorama Route is filled with big skies and striking scenery such as God’s Window and the Three Rondavals.

Whilst in Kruger, explore the largest National Park in South Africa at your leisure, searching for Africa’s famed Big Five and much, much more wildlife. Self-driving allows you the freedom to explore where you want, in the privacy of your own vehicle and to spend as much time as you please with the wildlife you encounter.

After your self-drive adventure in Kruger, it’s time to unwind in stunning Mozambique with its tranquil beaches and pristine azure waters as you relax in a lovely area and boutique beach hotel… it may sound like a simple trip, but this is an authentic experience which you won’t forget in a hurry.

Explore our superb Kruger National Park Self-Drive and Mozambique Safari

3  The 3  Rondavels
The three rondavels - Panorama Route, South Africa
Self Drive Kruger National Park
self-drive safari through kruger national park
Bahia Mar Arial View Vilanculos
Bahia Mar, Mozambique

26. Namibia – A classic self-drive route


  • Self-drive and explore classic regions of Namibia
  • Climb the mountainous sand dunes of Sossusvlei
  • Explore Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, Damaraland and many more
  • Safari game drives in Ongava Private Game Reserve and Etosha National Park and search for the famed African Big Five.
  • Opportunity for catamaran cruises, sea kayaking and many more activities.

Best time to go: April to November

Duration: 12 nights

A personal favourite of our in-house Namibia expert which takes you through classic Namibia and is packed full of opportunities for exploration and adventure and can be tailored to your own personal bucket list. It will take you through some of the most famous and recognised areas of Namibia and stay at comfortable accommodation which has been hand-picked by our Namibia expert.

Namibia may be largely desert but it’s filled with wildlife and adventure, our brilliant journeys give you fantastic exposure, leaving you feeling immersed in this wonderful country.

Discover your own route through Namibia with our Classic Self-Drive Route

Exploring the Sossusvlei Dunes
Exploring the Sossusvlei Dunes, Namibia
Etosha Watering Hole
Waterhole at Etosha National Park, Namibia
Okonjima Cheetah On Termite Heap - Margo
Okonjima is famous for its cheetah

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