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Waterfall in Tabin Wildlife Reserve Borneo Malaysia

Waterfall in Tabin Wildlife Reserve, Borneo


Keeping the world wild with sustainable travel

Responsible tourism begins with caring for the environment

As a tour operator, we are in a unique position to promote sustainable and culturally respectful travel practices among the travellers we serve.

We strive to help our customers when they engage with local cultures to minimize environmental harm when visiting sensitive ecosystems and communities abroad. We ensure our guides and suppliers are trained in responsible tourism wherever possible

We thoroughly vet the travel suppliers we work with using sustainability criteria. Preference is given to locally-owned businesses with eco-certificates and a proven commitment to benefitting local communities economically and preserving natural resources. We aim to primarily work with hotels and activity providers that hold one or more eco-labels.

While aviation accounts for a significant portion of emissions from the tourism industry, we take steps to understand and mitigate the carbon footprint by analyzing emissions from transported customers annually. In 2022, we launched a carbon offsetting option where travelers can choose to counterbalance their share of trip emissions by funding certified climate projects.

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Tailor-Made Carbon Scoring

As part of our commitment to make travel more sustainable and a force for good, we wanted to make sure our clients could see exactly how their tailor-made holidays were impacting the environment. So, we created a carbon scoring system for tailor-made holidays. It's called CARBONSCORED.

At Far and Wild, tailor-made travel means we create an infinite number of holidays - impacting ecosystems in an infinite number of ways. Whether you are interested in wildlife adventures, beautiful beach stays, five-star hotels, or camping out under the stars in the Serengeti, whatever you want, we can do it, and even better, we can carbon score it all.

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Carbon Avoidance and Removal

We work with Ecologi to support carbon avoidance and carbon removal projects and neutralize our carbon output.

As well as growing our global Far and Wild forest, we fund projects such as mangrove planting in Mexico, distributing cleaner cookstoves in Kenya, peatland restoration and conservation in Indonesia, and a project turning local organic waste into electricity in India.

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Climate Action Plan

We believe we have a duty to protect the planet for future generations and we know to limit the negative impacts of climate change as per IPCC guidance, carbon emissions must fall 55% by 2030. As such, we are proud to be a founding signatory of Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency.

At Far and Wild Travel, we empower our travellers to make sustainably-minded choices that create positive impacts - serving natural spaces, wildlife, communities, and cultures. We've developed a carbon scoring framework that provides a way to understand exactly how each tailor-made journey we create will impact the planet.

By informing travellers and promoting eco-conscious decisions, we aim to cultivate responsibility and help the travel industry play its part in achieving urgent climate goals. We recognize the impact of tourism on ecosystems and the environment and are committed to advancing sustainability in our business, everywhere we can.

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