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A wildlife haven like no other.

Immerse yourself in the wonders of the Lost World with the UK's leading experts on a Madagascar bespoke safari holiday.

Variously described as the Lost World, a World Apart and the Land that Time Forgot, Madagascar is, simply put, compellingly unique – something in a class of its own. What makes the world ‘s fourth largest island after Greenland, New Guinea and Borneo, strikingly different than the larger three, is an exceptionally diverse climate and consequently a startlingly contrasting range of habitat types.

A mountainous spine containing the Central Highlands, separates the permanently humid, eastern region with its luxuriant rainforests, from the almost otherworldly, semi-arid south where the original habitat, ‘spiny bush’, is justifiably described as ‘Nature’s Botanical Lunatic Asylum’.

Scenically the country is a delight : a mind -boggling smorgasbord of spectacular geological formations beckons visitors with a love for the outdoors. These include the sandstone massif of Isalo ; the 'tsingy' limestone plateaux of Ankarana and Bemaraha, and towering granitic domes of imposing mountains such as Andringitra and Marojejy. The vast majority of tourists come to Madagascar to appreciate its wildlife and flora : a long geographical isolation has resulted to a species endemicity rate in excess of 90%, meaning almost everything you will see while exploring the island, is found nowhere else. Highlights and flagship life forms include 6 of the world’s Baobab species, more than 100 species and subspecies of Lemur, more than half the world’s chameleons, and a stunning array of often weird and wonderful creatures.

We encourage our guests to experience the essence of Madagascar, which lies in its aforementioned contrasts. Doing so, can be achieved by means of exploring at least one site in each of its chief climatic and floristic zones. In addition to visiting a selection of its protected areas, some beautiful coastal sites which in some cases are offset by vibrant reef formations, make for a relaxing end to any Madagascar trip.

When to go to Madagascar

Find out the best time to visit Madagascar with our month by month guide.

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The cyclone season in Madagascar is between January and March, which means it's hot and wet and isn't the best time of year to travel. The east coast is generally wetter than the west or south.



February is the wettest month, with heavy downpours and the risk of cyclones making travel difficult, and wildlife hard to spot.



March remains hot and wet, with high humidity making travel uncomfortable. The south is generally a bit drier and the roads more manageable than the north.



There are still heavy rain showers during April, May and June, but they don't disrupt too many activities, and the sun often shines in between. Parks are now open to visitors and it's a great time to visit Andasibe and Berenty, with the greenery lush and the wildlife coming out of hiding.



The rains have left the landscapes looking green and lush, and now is a great time to try and spot the famous lemurs. The tourists haven't yet arrived en-masse so accommodation is cheaper and easier to find. There are still a few rain showers, but sun prevails, making May an excellent overall choice for travel.



With the rain finally subsiding, the air becomes fresh and cool, with sunshine and just a few showers punctuating the day. It's a great time to travel across much of the country, and still outside of peak season it's easier to find accommodation at good prices.



July is the beginning of the peak season, with dry weather and lower temperatures meaning this is a great time to go trekking or explore the rainforests. Lemurs and other forest dwellers have come out of hiding, and humpback whales gather to calve offshore, with sightings frequent between now and September. July is one of the best times to visit Madagascar.



August is similar to July, with comfortably cool temperatures and sunny skies. It's another good month for whale watching, and for exploring Madagascar's many regions.



Want to see a baby lemur? Now is the time to visit, when lemurs give birth. The cooler weather is at an end, and temperatures begin to rise, bringing with them a few showers in anticipation of the approaching rainy season. It's quieter than July and August, and therefore an ideal month to visit Madagascar. Whale watching is still on the cards too.



Baby lemurs are still hopping around during October, and the warmer weather means it's an excellent time for the beaches and snorkelling in the turquoise ocean. Keep an eye out for the blooming purple jacarandas, and see if you can spot fossas in the western forests.



Increasing temperatures around Madagascar mean hot days, but the arrival of short rain showers helps cool things down. Wildlife is very active during November, so it's a great time for lemur spotting, as well as birds during their breeding season.



December is the start of the wet season in Madagascar, with high temperatures (the hottest of the year) and short, sharp rain showers. It's a bit cooler and drier in the south west of the island. It's a quieter time to travel, and if you visit at the beginning of the month, the beaches will still be glorious.


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