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Malawi Holidays

Malawi, known as the ‘warm heart of Africa’

A world away from traditional safari destinations like Kenya and Tanzania, Malawi offers something different

Malawi, known as the ‘warm heart of Africa’, offers a unique safari and lakeside beach holiday, very different to the traditional safari destinations such as Kenya and Tanzania. Accommodation in Malawi ranges from luxury boutique lodges perfect for honeymooners and families, to charming rustic guest houses suitable for all budgets.

Lake Malawi is situated in the heart of the country, and is the third largest lake in Africa, at 365 miles long and 52 miles wide. It offers several water-sports activities on its shores, such as wind-surfing, sailing, diving, cruising, and fishing, along with golden sand beaches for those wishing to just relax and take in the scenery.

Liwonde and Majete National Parks are the main safari destinations in Malawi. Wildlife includes large numbers of elephants and the river attracts countless hippos and crocodiles. Antelope include kudu, sable and bushbuck. There are also leopards and hyeena. Those looking for diverse bird life will not be disappointed.

To the north of Malawi is the Nyika National Park. It extends across the great plateau and is best visited in the rainy season when over 200 types of orchid are in flower. Nyika National Park is a great destination for walking or bike destinations, as well as the more traditional modes of transport. The park has a large population of Leopard, as well as Zebra, Eland and Roan antelope.

When to go to Malawi

Find out the best time to visit Malawi with our month by month guide.

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January is a good time for bird watchers, migratory birds from the Northern Hemisphere flock to Malawi's National Parks. The rains are in full flow with impressive thunderstorms lighting the sky across the country regularly - many lodges around the shores of Lake Malawi will be closed during this time.



Rain continues to pour regularly in February. The bird watching is incredible particularly in the high altitude Nyika National Park with many flowers blooming carpeting the lower plateaus.



In March the weather is still somewhat unsettled with regular rains, these diminish as the month goes on. Birders will be in paradise, young birds are spreading their wings for the first time preparing for their epic journey back to the Northern Hemisphere.



Rains begin to subside, the sun starts to shine and temperatures increase. Wildlife viewing is good, observers can watch animals emerge across Liwonde National Park. In particular antelopes are in rut and visitors to Malawi's National Parks can experience incredible clashes between rival males.



Days become sunnier and cooler during May. Wildlife viewing is at its best due to less vegetation and the animals gathering together around waterholes.



June days are long and sunny, but it's Malawi's winter and the temperatures drop significantly at this time of year. The evenings and mornings are very cold in the highland regions, with log fires lit. The dry season means animals congregate around the Shire River in Liwonde National Park for easier access to water and rich green vegetation - large numbers of elephants can be present at this time of year due to dwindling water levels.



July is a perfect time to visit Malawi, skies are clear there are less mosquitoes and there's virtually no rain. Although its high season, most of the National Parks won't be crowded despite the spectacular sightings of larger elephant herds - often reaching into the hundreds!



In August the weather warms, with daytime peak temperatures averaging around 30°C, whilst night time averages rise to 10°C. If you want to experience large wildlife herds, this is the time of year to visit. Water is diminishing and spaces at watering holes are becoming limited leading to increasing tensions between the animals. It's an amazing time to enjoy the delights of Lake Malawi's azure waters, with temperatures perfect for watersports or relaxing in the sun lakeside.



Night time temperatures rise rapidly, whilst daytime averages remain in the mid 20°Cs. With clear skies and dry vegetation concentrations of animals are still great but starting to dwindle in comparison to July and August. Lake Malawi is popular this time of year, the increased wind conditions make it perfect for an afternoon sail.

  • Lake of Stars Malawi Art Festival takes place from the 27-29 September 2019, featuring music acts from across Africa and the UK.


October is a humid month, temperatures regularly rise above 40°C and night times are increasingly warm. If you want to witness the world's largest antelope, the eland, can often be seen as they start regrouping for their breeding season - with herds reaching into the hundreds it makes for an awe inspiring sight.



The green season, November witnesses the first few storms of the rainy season arriving. It marks the arrival of the many migratory birds from the Northern Hemisphere.



In December the rains become more regular, with thunderstorms occurring every few days. With lush green scenery animals can be difficult to see because of the thick vegetation and the abundance of water. But birders will have an amazing time witnessing the incoming flurry of migratory birds.


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