Far & Wild's Responsible Travel Policy

Our Policy Aims – overall aims of our policy and the company’s ethos / mission statement

At Far & Wild we want our customers to enjoy an experience led holiday within a natural environment. To do this we use partners and suppliers who are guardians of their surroundings. This means that they look after the local environment they are responsible for, as well as encouraging employment, and revenue generation, for the local population.

Far & Wild has community at its core. Using this community of travellers, industry insiders, and Local Experts we can provide our customers with the best information about the destination they wish to travel to. We’re also here to give back to local charities within our destinations. We aim to raise $1M within our first 10 years of operation for local charities.

Our Economic responsibility

Far & Wild is a young business, but one that has giving back at its heart. We have given ourselves the aim of raising over $1M for charities within the destinations that we send our customers. More info on how we’re planning to do this can been seen here.

We align ourselves with partners who actively work with the local communities, whether this means that they are employing the local population, involved in conservation efforts within the community, or educating the local population with an aim to encourage them to look after their environment. Wherever we can, and especially when our customers request it, we include visits to community projects, local schools, and local villages so that our customers can interact with the local population, and if the local village/tribe so wish, they have the opportunity to sell locally made crafts.

Our Environmental Responsibility

At Far & Wild we have a number of initiatives in place to continually improve our footprint. The office has a strict recycling policy. Overall, we try to minimise the amount of paper we use, but when it is used, all paper is recycled, as is plastic, cans, tins, printer cartridges etc. We also try to minimise our energy use. When a room is not in use all lights are to be turned off. When leaving the office nothing is to be left on standby, and heating is turned down when no-one is in the office. We don’t bulk create any brochures for our products meaning that we only create what we use.

With regards to our partners, where we can, we use companies that adhere to sustainability practises. Due to the location of a lot of our partners they actively look to minimise energy and water usage. A lot of our partners are based in, or own, conservancies which have been created to protect the local wildlife population and means that they can focus on maintaining the natural environment within their boundaries.

The use of National Parks within our itineraries is widespread, with all park fees going directly to the local authorities responsible for maintaining and protecting the and flora and fauna within the parks.

Our Social Responsibility

Pre-travel all of our customers are presented with what we call a ‘travel pack’. Within this travel pack our customers receive all the detail about their trip. The detail includes useful information on the destinations they are travelling to, including, but not limited to, the social and political situations within the destination. We also give guidelines on what to pack to try and minimise the amount of luggage our customers take resulting in lower fuel usage on planes and other vehicles.

Where possible our partners use local guides, as they know the land, wildlife, and environment the best. This results in a higher customer experience, gives them a greater understanding of the fragile balance of the area they’re visiting, and means that a local person is being employed!