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Amazon Rainforest, Iguazu Falls & Stunning Beaches

Famed for its colourful carnivals, lush rainforest, tropical beaches and love of football, Brazil is as diverse as it is vast.

Its buzzing capital Rio de Janeiro is home to the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking the city which is fringed by the sea, and it is here, that you can samba the night away or watch the famous floats at the Rio de Janerio Carnival, but leave the city, and you'll find yourself a world away where nature flourishes.

When it comes to wildlife, Brazil has a pretty big claim - it is home to 50% of the Amazon Rainforest which accounts for 10% of species in the world and is a must for anyone visiting Brazil. Float down the unspoiled waters of the Amazon basin keeping an eye out for sloths and pink river dolphins or take a trek through this dense, lush forest, dive in the crystal-clear Olho d'Água River and discover an underwater world or go hunting jaguars in the Pantanal - one of the best places in the world to see these remarkable cats.

Marvel at the vast sheet of water that is Iguazu Falls which straddles Brazil and Argentina and has been named an official Wonder of Nature or relax on the infamous Ipanema and Copacabana beaches.

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January is a wonderful time to visit Brazil as it is slightly quieter after the Christmas holidays and before Carnival. This is summer in Brazil so large parts of the country are hot and sunny, although the Amazon and Pantanal is very wet this time of year with flooding so if you plan to visit here be prepared to travel by canoe rather than on foot. Iguazu Falls are in full flow this time of year.



February is a very popular time to visit Brazil as the world-famous carnival in Rio De Janerio often falls in this month. Summer continues with warm, sunny weather across much of the country, although it is the rainy season with flooding in the Amazon and Pantanal so expeditions occur by boat. Iguazu Falls are at peak water levels so expect a dramatic scene. Hotels to sell out in February, be prepared to book well in advance.



Another popular month with Rio de Janerio carnival sometimes falls at the start of the month and Semana Santa (Easter) often happens in March. During Semana Santa, the cobbled streets of Ouro Preto in Minas Gerais are carpeted in intricate floral patterns. The rains continue in the Amazon and Pantanal meaning excursions tend to happen by boat rather than on foot.



April is a very pleasant month to visit Brazil as it is still warm, but the less hot and less crowded than in the peak summer months. April also sees declining rains in the Pantanal region with the end of the month entering the dry season.



May is a quiet month for tourism in Brazil with the weather cooling in the south of the country and the Amazon still in the rainy season, although the Pantanal is drier and entering its breeding season.



Winter arrives in the south bringing with it cooler weather, although it can still be a lovely time to visit the Green Coast as the sea remains warm, the air is fresh and it is quiet from tourists. Whilst it is still raining in the Amazon, it is dry at the Pantanal. Iguazu Falls are not at their most powerful, but still impressive and the trails around are drier.



July brings with it the start of the dry season to the Amazon and also in Panatanal so this is a good month for getting close to nature as animals will congregate to find water sources. The south of Brazil is colder due to winter so it is a less popular time to visit the coast with many places shutting, although a pleasant time for walking around Rio and one of the best months for hiking with blue, clear skies.



August is busy with the northern hemisphere visiting during school holidays, although this is the middle of Brazil's winter and so much cooler on the southern beaches, although the Northeast beaches remain warm and sunny. This is a wonderful time for hiking with bright blue, clear skies and little chance of rain.



September is one of the best months to visit Brazil for wildlife viewing - it is a great time to spot jaguars in the Pantanal and the Amazon is in its dry season. Towards the end of the month, Spring starts to come into Rio making this a great time to explore the city.



Another wonderful month for getting close to nature and for those hoping to see jaguars in the Pantanal. As spring awakes the south of the country, it is a brilliant time to visit Rio before the summer crowds arrive.



November is a perfect time to visit Brazil as the south is warming up for summer and there is not yet heavy rainfall in the Amazon and Pantanal. November offers great value as it is before peak season pricing so flights and accommodation are a little less.



Summer hits the south with warm and dry sunny days, making it ideal if you want to visit the beach. Water levels are still low in the Amazon meaning you can explore by foot. The downside - it is getting busier and you can expect to pay peak season prices, especially over Christmas and New Year.


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