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The very best family holidays create memories to last a lifetime, blending new experiences with tried and trusted ones and taking ones’ children to new and exciting destinations all over the world. Of course, planning them can be a challenge, especially when taking in to account the different needs of each family member. Our hugely experienced team, many with families themselves, are here to help and guide you on where to go and, just as importantly where to stay for that perfect family trip.

If you are looking for an exciting destination for your family holiday - Latin America is the place to go. Begin your adventure in Costa Rica, where lush rainforests and thrilling eco-adventures await. For more exploration, Peru's Machu Picchu and Ecuador's Galápagos Islands offer unique wonders. Brazil's rich culture, stunning beaches, and the Amazon rainforest will captivate your family. Chile and Argentina boast diverse landscapes, from the Atacama Desert to the Andes Mountains. Explore Mayan ruins in Mexico or the Amazon Rainforest in Peru for cultural insights and nature encounters. Don't miss the Caribbean coasts of Colombia and Panama for snorkelling and diving. Tailor your journey to your family's interests, and we're here to assist in creating unforgettable memories in this vibrant continent.

Africa is an outstanding destination for families, offering a wide range of wildlife and cultural experiences along with beautiful beaches, a perennial favourite when planning family trips. Certain destinations are more suitable than others for families, especially when taking into account factors such as the need to take antimalarial medication, so we are here to guide you on where works best for your needs. South Africa is superb for families dipping their toes into Africa for the first time, whilst slightly further afield destinations such as Namibia and Malawi also offer superb experiences as well as great value. Kenya is another very popular spot with a huge array of wildlife and cultural experiences on offer, as well as easy access to the beautiful beaches of the Indian Ocean. More adventurous families may wish to look at Tanzania, Uganda and even the island of Madagascar as their destination of choice, whilst we are also able to plan adventures through India and Sri Lanka, as well as the Middle East, with Oman being a surprisingly popular choice for families looking to avoid too much flying.

Our personal and professional experiences have helped to make us one of the leading family tour operators in the UK. We can offer in-depth insights into where is best to go to ensure you are getting the experience you want and can plan trips to make sure you maximise your time away and avoid too much travelling around. Our knowledge of camps and hotels means we can recommend both where and (perhaps more crucially) where not to stay to ensure that your family holiday with us is a unique and memorable experience.

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