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Responsible Travel

Keeping the world wild

Kogi Village in Sierra Nevada, Colombia

Sustainable and responsible travel

Making travel matter

We believe that travel can be a force for good - we have initiatives in place from carbon scoring and offsetting, to working with sustainable properties and ensuring we support local projects that empower communities and help protect wildlife. We believe travel helps build local economies, develop and sustain local communities, allows traditions and cultures to thrive, drives wildlife conservation and opens the eyes and minds of those travelling.

Keeping the world wild

We want to keep the world wild by promoting responsible and sustainable travel.

We recognize that travel creates negative environmental and social impacts through emissions that contribute to climate change. Our aim is to minimize our climate impact and give back to local communities because we believe travel is a force for good.


Sustainability is a core part of our business practice and we are committed to embedding sustainable and ethical practices throughout our operations.

The carbon score of all of our tailor-made trips are measured through our unique system CARBONSCORED, developed in conjunction with ecollective, so our travellers can understand the environmental impact of their journey.

We then offset their carbon output by funding carbon offsetting projects through the environmental organisation, Ecologi. We also work with Ecologi to offset the carbon output of running Far & Wild by funding tree planting and carbon avoidance projects globally.


We’re committed to donating £60,000 to community-based projects by 2028.

We hope to create meaningful connections for our travellers while preserving the wild places we explore. We do this by supporting sustainable practices in the areas we visit and we engage with local people and communities by inviting our travellers to visit projects and initiatives we support. We also help to sustain local economies by hiring local guides and supporting local businesses where possible so that the communities impacted by our trips receive the economic benefits directly.

Keeping the world wild through tailor-made travel

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The Far & Wild Community...

We think that the best people to talk about an experience are those directly linked to it. Our website and brochures let the ‘real experts’ show their stuff… local experts, travellers & industry insiders. Look out for the coloured markers all around the site... they mean that you are reading something contributed directly by a person from one of these different parts of the community we are part of.

The best memories aren’t simply places and hotels, they are made up of experiences and people… so we connect with local communities, and strive for sustainable travel to make your holiday special

Ben Morison

Ben Morison