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Atacama Desert, Chile

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A country of geographical contrasts

Home to the Atacama - the highest and driest desert in the world, Patagonia's ice-fields, glaciers and vast wilderness, the fertile valleys of the Winelands and the snowcapped peaks and pale green waters of the Lake District.

The longest country in the world in proportion to its width, Chile is a country of geographical contrasts and offers some of the greatest variety of landscapes in the world.

Spend long afternoons sipping Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon in the vineyards of the Winelands, head south towards the end of the world to Patagonia, an area one and half times the size of the UK and where you can walk across ice-fields and marvel at the spellbinding landscapes. Discover the apparently endless salt flats of the Atacama desert, where you can also find the turquoise waters teeming with flamingos in contrast to the burnt orange peaks that surround you. Explore the cosmopolitan city of Santiago, go horseback riding with gauchos on pampas trails, try your hand at fishing in the lakes surrounded by snowcapped mountains or become absorbed in the magical mythology of Chiloé island and kayak around its waters.

The mysterious and remote Easter Island lies a 5-hour flight from the mainland in the middle of the South Pacific but feels another world away entirely. Here, stone human figures known as Moai are dotted around the volcanic islands, and although there are plenty of theories, the exact reason for these figures remains part of the mystery and charm.