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01 Oct 2017

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Angama Mara Flying Low
“Benefit from our expert advice at no more than the cost of booking direct. ”

But how does Far and Wild make money if the above is true? 

I often find myself explaining this customers… as the logical thing for you to think is that we make our money by simply by adding up all the component costs of your holiday, and then adding on a profit margin for ourselves – before giving you a total holiday cost. 

Actually it doesn’t work like that at all.  It works like this;

The Public Price… 

Muchenje Safari Lodge Rack Rates Screen Capture
Hotel rates

The public price – the one you see on a hotel website.   That is the price you would pay if you book direct with that hotel, lodge or travel provider. 

The Far & Wild Price… 

Muchenje Safari Lodge Fw Screen Capture
Far & Wild Price

As you’ll see the prices are the same.  ($435 @ $ to £ fx rate of 1.32 = £329) 

Yep, we charge you the same.   

So how DO you make your money I hear you ask?  

We actually make our ‘cut’ through a referral fee from the hotel or travel provider.  Essentially a payment to acknowledge the role we play in marketing and matching our customer to the right experience, hotel or lodge.  

So in short, we don’t make any money from you.  We make it from our travel partners.   This means that we will always be happy to be transparent about pricing.  By all means ask us what something costs, or for a breakdown of your holiday cost and we’ll always endeavour to give you one.  

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