Children learning how to plant seeds at our vegetable gardens

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Children learning how to plant seeds at Play It Forward vegetable gardens.

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Fostering Sustainable, Ethical Journeys

At Far and Wild, sustainability goes beyond environmental efforts - it's also about positively impacting local people and communities.

We work with lodges, hotels and guides who prioritise community empowerment and fair treatment of staff.

As our customers increasingly seek meaningful cultural connections and activities benefiting destinations visited. They understand their role in supporting ethical businesses that give back.

That's why we curate immersive adventures adhering to sustainable principles within communities as well as ecosystems. For example, our Kenya Discovering Conservation tour features a Samburu village visit providing cultural learning and direct economic benefits to tribal members.

By championing hospitality partners who walk the walk of social responsibility with staff and nearby society, we aim to ensure worldwide positive impact through travel. Our trips should enrich the visitor while also bettering the lives of local people through collaborative, conscientious tourism.

We’re on a mission to discover how to further promote ethical, sustainable adventures benefiting wild environments as well as community members worldwide.

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A dream to visit Mum's birth place!

Christine travelled to St Helena Holidays and South Africa in December 2023 on a trip organised by .

100% value for money

Adam travelled to Kenya in January 2024 on a trip organised by Ruth.

It was SO NICE to have someone else do it for me.

Cathy travelled to Tanzania and Zanzibar in December 2023 on a trip organised by Alistair.

Adventure of a Lifetime in Kenya

Maria travelled to Masai Mara Safari in October 2023 on a trip organised by Ben.

I didn't realise my high expectations could be so easily exceeded

Hannah and Elaine travelled to Kenya in November 2023 on a trip organised by .

I've already recommended Far and Wild to a couple of friends

Paula travelled to South Africa in December 2023 on a trip organised by Alistair.

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We think that the best people to talk about an experience are those directly linked to it. Our website and brochures let the ‘real experts’ show their stuff… local experts, travellers & industry insiders. Look out for the coloured markers all around the site... they mean that you are reading something contributed directly by a person from one of these different parts of the community we are part of.

The best memories aren’t simply places and hotels, they are made up of experiences and people… so we connect with local communities, and strive for sustainable travel to make your holiday special

Ben Morison

Ben Morison