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Andasibe Mantadia National Park

Indri Lemur, Mantadia National Park

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Very easily accessible, the Andasibe-Mantadia area is the most visited protected rainforest on Madagascar’s East coast.

Very easily accessible, the Andasibe-Mantadia National Park is the most visited protected rainforest on Madagascar’s East coast. The park is made up of Andasibe, also known by its colonial name, 'Perinet', and Mantadia, which lies 20km to the north. Together they protect iconic species such as the ape-like Indri, the two-foot long Parson's chameleon and a whole host of other animal oddities. This park has become the number one 'must see' Malagasy rainforest and is incorporated into most itineraries as it almost guarantees instant lemur gratification. Waking up to the famous Indri calls is a stunning if almost spooky way to start the day on a luxury Andasibe tour.

The 810-acre reserve of Andasibe offers fairly easy hiking on well laid out paths (some get a little steep) and the guides stay in touch with one another to ensure that you see as many species of lemurs, birds and insects as possible. It’s also a good place to see (non-venomous) snakes, as they are often warming themselves near the paths. Night walks are not permitted in the reserve but are conducted on the road and in the neighbouring Mitsinjo Forest - keep an eye out for frogs and chameleons. There is primary forest here but its better in Mantadia National Park. The nearby Mantadia National Park is accessed along a dirt road and is a real paradise for wildlife aficionados. Due to the prevalence of lemurs in Andasibe most visitors skip this park but it’s definitely worth a visit, and you’ll have a chance of seeing wildlife few other people have ever seen. Bird watching is superb, and you may spot the stunning golden diademed sifaka, as well as other unusual creatures of Madagascar on a tailor made Andasibe Mantadia holiday. Mantadia comprises 12,000 hectares of virtually untouched primary forest and within the forest the tracks are fewer and a bit steeper, although still well constructed. You’ll come across very few other visitors here, and whilst you may have to work a bit harder, the rewards are more than worth the effort!

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