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Unique holiday destinations for 2024/25

We are sharing some of the best-kept secrets in travel for where to go in 2024.



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29 Dec 2023

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16 Apr 2024

Best Places to Go in 2024

1. Argentina

Argentina, known for its rich cultural tapestry, is a culinary haven that tantalizes the taste buds with a fusion of flavours. From the iconic Argentine steak, and succulent empanadas, to the delectable dulce de leche, each dish is a celebration of the country's diverse culinary heritage. Buenos Aires, the vibrant capital, is a gastronomic paradise where traditional parrillas (steakhouses) coexist with avant-garde eateries, offering a delightful blend of old-world charm and modern innovation.

Canvas Wine Lodge Villa Argentina wine tasting
Wine tasting at Cavas Wine Lodge

Beyond the culinary delights, Argentina beckons with the awe-inspiring Ibera Wetlands, a hidden gem in the far north of the country. This ecological haven is on the brink of a remarkable transformation, as conservation efforts are successfully reintroducing jaguars, macaws, and anteaters to their natural habitat. The wetlands, once at risk, are now a thriving sanctuary for diverse wildlife, creating a unique and enriching experience for nature enthusiasts.

Visiting the Ibera Wetlands is a must for those seeking an immersive encounter with Argentina's ecological wonders. Guided safaris and boat excursions allow visitors to witness the resurgence of these iconic species while revelling in the untouched beauty of this biodiverse ecosystem. The Ibera Wetlands offer not only a journey through nature's marvels but also a chance to contribute to the ongoing conservation efforts that make Argentina a must-visit destination.

Trip idea: Argentina Wildlife and Ibera Wetlands

See Argentina for more exciting ideas.

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Capybara in Ibera
Capybara in the Ibera wetlands

2. Sao Tome & Principe

Embark on an exclusive sojourn to Sao Tome & Principe in 2024, where luxury harmoniously intertwines with sustainability, creating an unparalleled destination known to the initiated. Sao Tome & Principe, often overshadowed by more frequented locales, emerges as a well-kept secret, offering a distinctive blend of opulence and eco-conscious living.

At the heart of this hidden gem lies the meticulously refurbished Bom Bom Beach Resort on Principe Island. Renowned among insiders, this exquisite retreat stands on the best beaches, having undergone an eco-friendly refurbishment that aligns seamlessly with the natural surroundings. Bom Bom Beach Resort epitomizes the essence of sustainable luxury, inviting guests to indulge in the lap of environmental consciousness.

Rainforest And Peak Sao Tome Principe
Principe rainforest

For those intrepid enough to venture off the beaten track, the Praia Inhame Eco Lodge unveils itself as an exclusive sanctuary. Nestled in a secluded haven, this eco-conscious retreat promises an unforgettable escape within a pristine natural setting. Praia Inhame Eco Lodge caters to discerning travellers seeking an intimate connection with nature, unveiling a well-guarded secret among experts in the world of luxury travel.

In 2024, Sao Tome & Principe stand as not only a destination but a whispered secret, shared among those who seek a unique and sustainable haven that surpasses conventional paradigms of luxury.

See our Sao Tome and Principe Island Escape for trip inspiration.

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Sao Tome Beach 1
Beach on Sao Tome

3. Tanzania - Ruaha National Park

Embark on an exclusive Tanzanian adventure in 2024 as we unveil the hidden marvels of Ruaha National Park—a sanctuary far removed from the tourist troves. Tanzania's Ruaha National Park beckons discerning travelers to escape the crowds and immerse themselves in an untamed wilderness where the spirit of safari thrives.

For an insider's retreat, consider accommodations like Usawa Tented Camp or Kichaka Expeditions, offering a harmonious blend of luxury and solitude. Usawa Tented Camp epitomizes rustic elegance, providing an intimate setting that complements the natural splendour of the park. Meanwhile, Kichaka Expeditions offers a more immersive experience, catering to those seeking a profound connection with the surroundings.

Ruaha National Park
Watching elephants in Ruaha

Insider tip: Schedule your safari during the dry season (June to October) for optimal wildlife sightings as the animals gather around water sources. While traversing the vast landscapes, keep an eye out for the park's diverse flora and fauna, including the iconic African elephants, lions, and elusive leopards.

In Ruaha National Park, the true wildlife experience unfolds in the tranquillity of beautiful surroundings, offering a respite from the bustling crowds found in more popular destinations. Make 2024 the year you discover the hidden gem that is Ruaha—a place where luxury meets the untamed, and every safari moment is an exclusive encounter with the wild.

For more information, check out our page on Ruaha Safaris

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Lilac Breasted Roller Ruaha National Park Tanzania min
Lilac Breasted Roller in Ruaha

4. Panama

Escape to Panama in 2024, a laid-back alternative to bustling Costa Rica, where a harmonious symphony of vibrancy, peace, and bliss awaits the discerning traveller. This Central American gem unfolds a tapestry of diverse experiences, from the pulsating energy of Panama City to the serene cloud forest of Boquete Coffee Region and the Caribbean bliss of Bocas del Toro.

Panama City, a vibrant metropolis, sets the stage for a captivating urban escape. Discover the fusion of modernity and history as you explore its lively streets and iconic landmarks.

For a tranquil interlude, venture into the peaceful haven of Boquete Coffee Region, where the cloud forest embraces you in serenity. Savour the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and immerse yourself in the lush landscapes that define this hidden retreat.

Baru Volcano Panama
Baru Volcano

Insider's tip: Connect with the locals to uncover hidden gems in Panama City's culinary scene. Explore local markets for authentic flavours and unique dining experiences that offer a genuine taste of Panama. Cap off your Panama odyssey with a journey to Bocas del Toro, where Caribbean bliss unfolds on pristine beaches.

Have a look at our Classic Panama trip for inspiration.

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Beach Bocas del toro Panama
Bocas del Toro beach

5. St Helena

In 2024, uncover the hidden gem of St Helena, an extraordinary destination that beckons the intrepid traveller to explore its unique charm and untouched beauty. Nestled in the South Atlantic Ocean, St Helena emerges as an exclusive haven for those seeking an off-the-beaten-path adventure.

For the ultimate explorers, St Helena offers an unparalleled journey, promising a rare and enchanting experience. As the destination remains relatively undiscovered, you'll find a sense of authenticity and tranquillity that sets it apart from more frequented locales.

St Helenas constantly changing landscape Photo by Will Appleyard
St Helena landscape by Will Appleyard

Insider tip: Immerse yourself in the island's rich history by visiting landmarks like Napoleon's residence and Longwood House. Engage with the friendly locals to gain insights into St Helena's culture, and don't miss a chance to hike or take a scenic drive to witness the island's diverse landscapes, from dramatic cliffs to lush valleys.

Accessible by sea or air, St Helena invites you to embrace a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Whether you choose to explore its vibrant marine life, traverse its rugged terrain, or simply unwind on its secluded beaches, St Helena promises a journey into the unknown—a destination that captivates the hearts of those in search of a truly unique and exclusive experience.

Check out one of our incredible St Helena trip ideas here: St Helena - Secret of the South Atlantic.

Read about Napoleon's time on St Helena here: Napoleon on St Helena blog

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A whale shark off St Helenas coast Photo by Beth Taylor
Whale shark off the St Helena coast by Beth Taylor

6. Mozambique - Azura's Peri Peri Beach Club

Embark on an exclusive retreat in 2024 by concluding your luxury adventures at Mozambique's hidden gem, Azura's Peri Peri Beach Club. This award-winning destination, nestled 300 meters down the beach from the hotel, unveils a secluded paradise that blends relaxation with vibrant energy, making it the perfect finale to your opulent escapade.

Azura benguerra peri peri beach club 29
Azura's Peri Peri Beach Club

Azura's Peri Peri Beach Club stands as a well-kept secret, recognized by those who seek a perfect harmony between laid-back leisure and lively ambiance. Whether your preference is to revel in a spirited party atmosphere or unwind in tranquil lounging, this beach club promises a memorable conclusion to your Mozambican luxury experience.

Insider's note: Opt for a beachfront cabana at sunset for an unparalleled view and an intimate setting. Indulge in the delicious cocktails and freshly prepared seafood dishes for a taste of Mozambique's culinary excellence.

See: Azura Mozambique

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Azura benguerra peri peri beach club 13
Azura Peri Peri Beach Club

7. The Seychelles

Embark on an indispensable journey to The Seychelles in 2024, a peerless paradise that redefines the essence of escape. Situated in the Indian Ocean, this archipelago transcends the ordinary, whether you opt for the allure of island hopping or the serene embrace of a "fly and flop" retreat, the Seychelles provides an unparalleled sanctuary.

At the zenith of luxury accommodations stand havens such as Four Seasons Desroches, Raffles Praslin, and Constance Lemuria, each epitomizing opulence and sophistication. Where unspoiled beaches, crystalline waters, and verdant landscapes form a canvas of unparalleled beauty. This haven of luxury invites you to unwind amidst the subtle rustle of palm trees and the embrace of tropical breezes.

La Digue Seychelles
La Digue, Seychelle

Insider's tip: For a truly unique experience, venture beyond the well-trodden paths to discover hidden gems like Anse Georgette or Anse Lazio, less frequented but equally breath-taking beaches that offer a more intimate connection with nature.

In 2024, the Seychelles beckons as an imperative destination, a refuge where time adopts a leisurely pace, and the extraordinary seamlessly integrates into the everyday. Whether you crave adventure in the azure waters or seek tranquil interludes on ivory sands, this paradisiacal haven guarantees an escape like no other.

Seychelles trip inspo: Seychelles Island Hopping Adventure

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Deck dining evening Seychelles ocean
Evening on the Seychelles

8. Peru

Embark on a transformative journey to Peru, where this South American gem reclaims its status as a hot destination for 2024. Following a resilient comeback from the challenges of 2023, Peru stands as an exclusive haven for the discerning traveller. Now marks the opportune moment to immerse yourself in the epic landscapes and ancient wonders that define this captivating country.

For the ultimate exploration, seize the chance to rediscover the iconic Lost City of the Incas, Machu Picchu. Take advantage of the upcoming dry season and opt for day trips or multi-day treks along the renowned 'Inca Trail,' unlocking a profound connection with Peru's rich history. Venturing off the beaten path, explore Vinicunca, Rainbow Mountain, or the secluded Paccloyo Rainbow Mountain deep in the Andes—a privilege afforded to the select few.

Machu Pichu Peru
Machu Picchu

Insider's recommendation: To elevate your experience, customise your Classic Peru itinerary, for a truly special stay, consider the enchanting Sol y Luna in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, where luxury seamlessly melds with the incredible surroundings.

In 2024, Peru emerges not just as a destination but as a reawakening, inviting you to rediscover its unparalleled beauty and cultural richness. As you navigate this resurging gem, make every step a testament to the enduring allure of Peru—a place where authenticity, adventure, and luxury converge.

Check out our all-rounder Peru trip: Machu Picchu & Beach Holiday

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Cusco Plaza de Armas
Plaza de Armas, Cusco

9. Oman

Our holiday specialist Ruth talks about her time visiting Oman:

"I was lucky enough to visit Oman last year on a research trip and was totally blown away by the scenery, culture and most of all the Omani hospitality. The country has everything as a destination from beautiful beaches, fascinating history, stunning desert dunes and the most spectacular mountain range with awe-inspiring views. It exceeded all expectations and the pictures don’t do it justice!"

Start at Muscat's Chedi hotel for cultural exploration, then head to Desert Nights Camp for dune adventures and local cuisine. Alila Jabal Akhdar offers canyon views and stargazing. Take in sightseeing drives and catch the vibrant Nizwa cattle market on Fridays.

Grand Mosque Muscat Oman sunset flowers
Grand Mosque Muscat

Insider tip: Venture beyond the well-trodden paths and discover hidden culinary treasures in Muscat. Engage with locals to unearth authentic flavours, and don't miss the opportunity to explore the lesser-known gems tucked away in the city's vibrant alleys. For an extraordinary culinary journey, indulge in the delights of The Beach Restaurant at The Chedi, where the coastal breeze complements the exquisite flavours, creating a truly immersive dining experience.

Have a look at one of our sample Oman itineraries for ideas: Journey Through Oman

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Escape in the mountains Oman min
Mountains and sea Oman

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