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Stonetown At Sunset

Stone Town at sunset

Stone Town holidays

The perfect safari holiday in Stone Town

A town alive with winding streets, colourful bazaars and grand old merchant houses

Stone town is a busy coastal trading town full of rich culture and history. In 2000, Stone Town was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, with most of its 19th Century buildings still in use. Zanzibar Island was one of the most important trading centres in the Indian Ocean, so it became a melting pot of cultures as can be see in its architecture which has influences of African, Arabian, Persian, Indian and European. The rich merchants who used to reside in the grand houses ensured their wealth was on show by having large and ornately carved wooden doors and other unusual features adorn their properties.

There is a long list of sights to see in Stone Town. The Dharajani and Forodhani markets provide excellent opportunities for shopping as well as a tantalising array of food and drink. The House of Wonders and Palace Museum are striking buildings dedicated to various exhibits of Swahili and Zanzibar culture, such as the fascinating history of the Island's Sultans. The Iconic dhow, an ancient Arabic sailing boat, has been used throughout history for fishing and trade in the Indian Ocean, tourists can step aboard for a really special sunset cruise.

Zanzibar’s long rainy season lasts from April until May, with another brief spell of short rains in November. For the rest of the year, the weather is wonderfully balmy with temperatures reaching 40°C, with gentle sea breezes to keep you cool.

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