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Many of our dedicated staff go above and beyond their day-to-day roles to make a difference in our community. Throughout the year, many of our employees donate their time to participate in charity events and fundraisers outside of work. From marathons to walks, bike rides to swims, our team members can be found pushing themselves physically at various events to raise money and awareness for causes close to their hearts. Whether supporting disadvantaged youth, homelessness, or environmental conservation, our staff put passion into their volunteer efforts. They form teams, train before and after work, get creative with fundraising activities. We are so proud of our staff members who give the gift of time and dedication to help important causes and non-profits thrive.


Flip Flopi Project

The FlipFlopi is an East African circular economy movement that built the world’s first 100% recycled plastic sailing dhow. The idea to create came to project founder Ben Morison in 2015 after he was struck by the amounts of plastic, especially flip-flops, littering the beautiful beaches he deeply loved.

The project is now working with communities to “close the loop” on waste plastics, collecting and recycling waste to produce boats and products rooted in indigenous heritage, bringing plastic boatbuilding to the world! Ben is still closely involved in the Flipflopi Project as one of the board of trustees.


Eden Carers

In September 2024, Ben, Anna, Amanda and Gemma from the Far & Wild Team will take part in the Great North Run to raise money for Eden Carers, a charity that provides support for caregivers. The scenic half marathon from Newcastle to South Shields is the largest running event in the UK, with over 60,000 participants each year. Our team are training hard all year for the big event. The Eden Carers charity provides a lifeline to caregivers who are looking after loved ones at home, offering counselling services, support groups, respite care, and more.

Lewa Safari Runners

Lewa Safari Marathon

This June, team members Ben and Ruth will take on the challenge of the Lewa Safari Marathon to raise money for the wildlife conservation charity Tusk. The 26.2 mile race takes place on the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya, with runners traversing dirt roads and trails through open savannah and across the equator. Their fundraising efforts will support Tusk's mission to conserve wildlife, promote education programs, and implement anti-poaching efforts across the continent. Though running a marathon at high altitude through hot, dusty conditions will test their endurance, Ben and Ruth are up for the challenge!

Ride4 Rangers

Ride for Rangers

Staff members joined the Ride for Rangers event to support wildlife conservation during lockdown. When the pandemic halted many in-person fundraisers, our dedicated employees found creative ways to support this cause remotely. Five of our team members took part in the virtual Ride for Rangers charity cycling event to raise money for the Black Mambas anti-poaching unit in South Africa. Together they rode over 400 miles, shared progress on social media, and fundraised passionately for this event supporting endangered rhinos and elephants.

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