Operations & Marketing Exec


Moving around a lot as a child gave me a perpetual case of itchy feet. Born in Australia, I have lived between Australia and the UK my whole life, back and forth across the decades, but I'm now settled in the UK for the forseeable future.

A somewhat typical Australian, I have travelled extensively throughout Southeast Asia and Europe, with a few countries in the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas in the mix. I think I became aware of my desire to always be travelling and learning in my childhood travels. One moment that sticks out particularly strongly was when I walked out of the Siq Gorge to behold the historic city of Petra in Jordan. I was absolutely enthralled by the idea that that such a place could exist – the way it hinted at how old and complex human societies are and have always been. From there I just wanted to learn everything I could about every place I could which still holds true today.


I have come to Far and Wild from a career in academia, specifically English Literature. I have a professional background in teaching English as a Second Language, banking services, and inventory management, all of which help in my role as Accounts and Marketing Executive!


Aurora-hunting in Iceland. Driving through the night across incredible landscapes only to be beset by snowstorms whilst navigating pitted country roads – we didn’t even get to see the Northern Lights in the end but the experience of trying to find the ideal spot to view them was exciting and unforgettable.

Sharing a meal with the Bedouins in the Egyptian desert. A surreal experience in many ways, sitting in the back of a utility vehicle, driving across the desert with the hot wind beating against my ears to meet the welcoming nomads of the Sinai Peninsula. It was fascinating to learn about a completely different way of existing whilst feasting on fire-roasted goat and handmade Bedouin bread.

Hiking in Owakudani, Japan. Climbing the peaks of this active volcanic valley (also known as “The Valley of Hell”) where I had an incredible view of Mt. Fuji and the activity of the rising volcanic gases around me, which was especially striking in the dry winter climate. At the summit, I got to partake in the delicious kuro-tamago (black egg), a region-specific delicacy, which is specially cooked in natural, iron and sulfur-rich spring water for an hour and then steamed to give the egg its unique black appearance. An invigorating adventure, that according to local lore, could have added five years to my life!




Galapagos Islands


  • Triple check visa requirements! Sometimes you will need a visa for places you wouldn’t expect, make sure you give yourself enough time to arrange this if needed.
  • Learn the most common local phrases – In most countries, the locals will be so happy you’ve even tried to speak to them on their terms that they’ll be instantly predisposed to like you more, and you might even build lifelong long-distance friendships.
  • If you’re travelling with young children, give them the window seat. It helps distract them during the most difficult parts of flying (i.e. taking off and landing).