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Heighten your senses on a walking safari.

​Kenya has an excellent range of walking safari options from bush walks to multiday adventures.

There are two main types of walking safari experiences we can organise in Kenya… the first is a short half-day walking safari based out of safari lodges that primarily offer 4x4 game drives (see below for some of our favourite lodges that do this). This is a very accessible entry point into walking safaris for those who have not done one before and can even be done very locally to the camp as a family activity with kids, fondly called a 'poo safari' as you learn to identify different types of animal poop, as well as about the flora and fauna surrounding you.

The second type is the longer ‘multi-day’ walking safari, where nights are spent out in the bush in a lightweight camp (usually called a fly-camp) - take a look at our 5-day Masai Mara walking safari below. An exhilarating experience where you will learn to identify wildlife tracks, spot birdlife, learn about the conservation efforts happening in these conservancies and sleep out under the stars. Perhaps the perfect antidote to today's busy technology-led world?

Walking safaris are prohibited in most of Kenya's national parks and reserves, so if you are interested in including a walk within your safari, you will need to stay in a private conservancy (something which we tend to recommend to our clients anyway for a number of reasons) - more private and more activities available.

Guiding is key to all walking safari experiences. Often the reputation and quality of an experience are down to the guide rather than the area, or the wildlife per se. So when organising a walking safari in Kenya, do make sure you find out (ask us) who exactly you’ll be guided by… their experience matters, and will make a big difference to yours.

Northern Kenya

The northern part of Kenya around Mount Kenya, the Laikipia Plateau, Lewa, Borana and the Samburu region is a hotspot for walking safaris. This is because large parts of this area of Kenya are under the control of privately managed wildlife conservancies. Unlike the more regulated national parks (where walking safaris are not allowed), these conservancies are able to offer far more variety – especially when it comes to activities outside of the vehicle.

The region has a plethora of walking opportunities… walking safaris with camels, walking safaris on the slopes of Mount Kenya, walking safaris tracking rhinos, helicopter-assisted walking safaris to get you into ultra-remote locations, walking safaris in community-owned conservancies with indigenous Samburu guides… the list goes on....

The rest of Kenya.

It's not just about northern Kenya… there are some superb walking safari options in the Great Rift Valley, Tsavo and Amboseli in the shadows of Mt Kilimanjaro. Although less common, there are a few private conservancies within the Masai Mara that are able to offer walking safaris in particular Mara Naboisho Conservancy where the entire Far and Wild team recently did one.


Walking safaris are very carefully regulated. Walking safari guides need to have a specific qualification that is far harder to attain than a standard guiding qualification – so essentially walking guides are ‘the best of the best’. As part of their training, they learn how to avoid potentially dangerous situations before they happen, as well as how to manage unexpected encounters. We would advise undertaking walking safaris with an armed guard which is common practice in Kenya.

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