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Namibia Family Holidays

Explore deserts, canyons and game reserves

Climb sand dunes, see ship wrecks and go on safari on a tailor-made Namibia family holiday

Namibia is an outstanding spot for family adventures and works really well when travelling with children of all ages with a huge range of activities to enjoy, family-orientated lodges and the pleasure of being able to self-drive and go at your own pace. A few reasons to consider it as your next family holiday destination are:

Malaria Free

The vast majority of Namibia (with the exception of the Caprivi Strip) is malaria free, which means you don’t need to bother with medication for younger children and can avoid having to deal with pesky mosquitos at sunset – always a bonus!


No two days exploring Namibia are the same, with wildlife experiences broken up by the chance to enjoy adventure activities, amazing landscapes and a little bit of history. Too much of the same thing can become grating when on family holidays but Namibia has the diversity to make sure you avoid doing the same thing day after day.

The chance to explore

As most trips through Namibia are self-drive trips, they really offer a sense of adventure and exploration. The journeys from place to place are as important part of the experience as what you do when you arrive and the road trips become a genuine please. Not a place you will hear cries of “are we nearly there yet” from the back seat!

Younger children will love the chance to have a very interactive wildlife experience at the Okonjima Nature Reserve in the Central Highlands, usually the first stopping point on the journey north. Self-driving safaris through the Etosha National Park allow parents to plan their days and ensure they are out for an amount of time that suits the whole family, rather than being tied to 4 or 5 hour guided game drives.

The coastal town of Swakopmund is simply superb for Namibia family safaris, with long beaches to run around on, excellent hotels to enjoy and a wonderful range of activities. Horseriding, quad biking in the dunes, living desert tours, boat cruises and the chance to go kayaking with seals are just some of the activities available for visitors of all ages. Of course, no-one could fail to be captivated by the towering red sand dunes of Sossusvlei and there are few places on earth that can rival the dramatic scenery that the area offers.

Pick your pace and route

Being a mainly self-drive destination is a huge advantage for Namibia, allowing families to plan their routes with great care and ensure they don’t spend too much time in the car each day. Speak to one of our specialists if you are concerned with any drive times and we can discuss the best way to add in stops to reduce the amount of time you are on the road.

Superb accommodation

All lodges in Namibia, even the most luxurious cater to families and have larger room offerings, often with two bedrooms and their own bathrooms, which are perfect for families. The opportunity to all be sleeping under the same roof offers peace of mind and also helps to keep the cost down as you aren’t required to book additional rooms for youngsters.

Reliable food

Whilst many younger travellers are becoming more adventurous eaters, there is always the worry going somewhere new that the cuisine won’t quite suit. Namibia avoids that issue as it offers very simple but still delicious meals wherever you go. There is a focus on locally grown and seasonal produce, as well as excellent vegetarian and vegan options, but the traditional dishes are grilled meats and stews which are perfect for visitors of all ages.

Superb guides and activities

One of the great features of activities in Namibia is how engaging the guides are how they bring alive what they are saying to guests of all ages. The chance to see meerkats in the Kalahari Desert is of course a highlight for many families who head down that way, whilst the chance to climb the Sossusvlei dunes together is a superb way to start any day.

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