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Wild Dog Safaris

Don’t overlook these beautiful creatures

Often referred to as Painted Dogs

Africa’s second-rarest carnivore they really are a treat to witness.

The African Wild Dog - once found throughout many African countries, now are amongst some of the rarest predators on the continent with few strongholds left and numbers thought to be somewhere between 3000 and 5000 in the wild.

They may be Africa’s most successful large predator, but they are also one of its most threatened species, making any sighting of one of this vanishing predator of Africa a very special treat when on an African safari holiday.

With district colourations, their dappled coat mixed with irregular patterns of reddish-browns, black, white and tan make them easily distinguishable… in fact, their scientific name Lycaon pictus literally translated as ‘painted wolf’. Every wild dog’s coat is unique with colours and patterns varying immensely, making it fairly easy to recognise individuals.

Below is some inspiration as to where to the best places to find these remarkable predators.

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