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El Nido Palawan Philippines

El Nido in Palawan, Philippines

Philippines holidays

Tropical paradise where everyone can find their own slice of heaven

Whether you're lounging on pristine shores, exploring historical cities, or diving into vibrant underwater worlds, the Philippines is a destination that promises unforgettable experiences.

The Philippines is an archipelago of over 7,000 islands, with stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality. This Southeast Asian destination offers an array of experiences, from pristine beaches to lush rainforests, making it a must-visit location for those seeking adventure and natural beauty.

The Philippines is renowned for its breathtaking beaches, each with its unique charm. Boracay, one of the most famous, boasts powdery white sands and crystal-clear waters, making it a hub for water sports and beachfront relaxation. El Nido, in Palawan, is a tropical wonderland with limestone karsts, hidden lagoons, and diverse marine life, perfect for island-hopping adventures.

A diver's paradise, the Phillipines offers world-class dive sites. Check out the stunning coral reefs of Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and encounter pelagic marine life. Apo Reef, another marine sanctuary, provides opportunities to spot sharks and rays. The Ticao Pass is renowned for its manta ray encounters, making it a top destination for underwater photography.

The culture of the Philippines is comprised of a rich tapestry of influences, including Spanish, American, and indigenous traditions. Explore the historic streets of Vigan, with its well-preserved Spanish colonial architecture. Intramuros in Manila, the "Walled City," is another historically significant site. Filipinos are known for their warm hospitality, and festivals like Sinulog and Ati-Atihan provide a chance to witness vibrant celebrations and traditional dances.

The Philippines offers a range of adventures for nature enthusiasts. Trek through the Banaue Rice Terraces to witness the stunning landscape carved into the mountains. The Chocolate Hills in Bohol, with its unique geological formations, is another remarkable site for hikers. The Mayon Volcano, known for its perfect cone shape, offers thrilling trekking experiences.

Filipino cuisine is a fusion of flavours, with influences from Chinese, Spanish, and American cooking. Adobo, a dish of marinated meat, and sinigang, a tangy soup, are local favourites. Street food is a must-try, with delicacies like balut (duck embryo) and isaw (grilled chicken intestines) offering to open up your palate.

The Philippines is a tropical haven that combines stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and a wealth of adventures.

When to go to the Philippines

A month-by-month guide of when to visit the Philippines

  • Best
  • Good
  • Mixed
  • Jan
  • Feb
  • Mar
  • Apr
  • May
  • Jun
  • Jul
  • Aug
  • Sep
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January is a great time to visit the Philippines. It offers pleasant weather with cooler temperatures, making it ideal for exploring cities like Manila and experiencing the Sinulog Festival in Cebu. Waters are clear for diving and snorkelling.



February continues the favourable weather, suitable for beach activities and island-hopping in Palawan. It's an excellent time for cultural events and exploring the Ifugao Rice Terraces.



March is still a good time to visit, with comfortable temperatures. Enjoy the Panagbenga Festival in Baguio and explore the beaches of Boracay. Waters are perfect for water sports.



April is ideal for island adventures and water sports. Explore the beaches of El Nido and enjoy the Pahiyas Festival in Lucban. It's warm but pleasant for outdoor activities.



May is generally good, but it marks the beginning of the wet season in some regions. Enjoy the colorful Flores de Mayo celebrations and dive in Apo Reef.



May is generally good, but it marks the beginning of the wet season in some regions. Enjoy the colorful Flores de Mayo celebrations and dive in Apo Reef.



July continues the rainy season. Explore the lush rainforests of Mindanao and enjoy cultural experiences. Coastal activities are not advisable.



August still sees rainfall, so focus on cultural experiences. Explore historical sites in Cebu and enjoy local festivals. Beach activities are limited.



September provides pleasant weather with fewer crowds. Explore the cultural gems of Luzon, hike Mount Pulag, or immerse yourself in the rich history of Corregidor Island.



October has some rainfall but is still good for travel. Attend cultural events in Manila, explore the culinary scene, and visit historical sites like Intramuros.



November marks the start of the dry season in a few regions. Enjoy the beauty of Banaue Rice Terraces, dive in Apo Island, and explore the beaches of Bohol.



December is a popular time to visit, with pleasant weather and festive celebrations. Experience Christmas traditions in the Philippines and enjoy the holiday spirit in cities like Manila and Cebu. Beach activities are great.


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