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Beautiful and tranquil, Principe has white sand beaches and lush tropical forests.

Principe has lovely palm-lined beaches.

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The perfect safari holiday in Principe

A hidden gem, all of which is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

A quick flight to the north of Sao Tome, Principe is the smaller, major island of Sao Tome and Principe. Its surface area spans 136km2 and it has a population of some 5,000. Surrounding satellite isles include Bom Bom, Caroco, Tinhosa Grande and Tinhosa Pequena. Principe's highest point is the heavily forested Pico de Principe, at 948m.

Portuguese rule ended in 1974 when the islands became an automous province. By July 1975 it was no longer part of Portugal. In 2012, the UNESCO declared the Island of Principe as a Biosphere Reserve. Originally heavily forested, substantial tracts of equatorial rainforest still remain intact, predominantly in the island's southern parts. Endemic birds easily seen include Principe kingfisher, Black-capped speirops, Dorhn's thrush-babbler, Principe weaver and Principe white-eye. More widespread species include African grey parrots, which in many places are tame and confiding. The presence of endemic frogs continues to perplex biologists, as the islands were never connected to the African mainland.

Accommodation is in the form of the excellent quality Bom Bom Island Resort and its sister properties, Roca Sundy. and Praia Sundy. These properties are the brainchild of South African-born entrepeneur and philanthropist Mark Shuttleworth, who has invested considerably in the rehabilitation of Principe. Under Shuttleworth's direction, these properties have been sensitively designed and the island's infrastructure developed in an environmentally conscious manner and in such a way as to attract people who enjoy exploring nature and the great outdoors as much as relaxing on tropical beaches.

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