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Belmond Palacio Nazarenas pool

Belmond Palacio Nazarenas

Sustainable Luxury Amidst Cusco's Historic Splendour
Cusco HolidaysPeru Holidays· 55 Rooms · ££££

With its impeccable fusion of historic charm, modern luxury, exceptional service, and a commitment to sustainability, this Cusco gem invites guests to experience Peru's rich heritage in an unparalleled setting of elegance and comfort.

Nestled in the heart of Cusco, a city rich in history and culture, the Belmond Palacio Nazarenas stands as a remarkable testament to luxury and sophistication. This enchanting hotel, a part of the esteemed Belmond collection, seamlessly weaves together centuries of Peruvian heritage with modern opulence, offering an unparalleled experience that captures the essence of the ancient Inca capital.

The Belmond Palacio Nazarenas occupies a restored convent that dates back to the 16th century, exuding an aura of grandeur and elegance from the moment one steps through its ornate doors. Each of the 55 suites boasts a distinctive design, blending contemporary aesthetics with traditional Peruvian craftsmanship. Original Inca and colonial features are artfully preserved with lavish amenities to provide guests with an exquisite and comfortable retreat.

One of the hotel's standout features is its commitment to personalized service. A dedicated butler is assigned to each suite, ensuring that every guest's needs and desires are attentively met. Whether it's arranging guided tours to nearby archaeological wonders or preparing a gourmet picnic for an outdoor adventure, the Belmond Palacio Nazarenas strives to exceed expectations and create unforgettable memories.

Gastronomic delights await at the hotel's renowned restaurant, Senzo. Drawing inspiration from local ingredients and flavours, the culinary team crafts exquisite dishes that pay homage to Peru's rich culinary heritage.

However, what truly sets the Belmond Palacio Nazarenas apart is its dedication to well-being and relaxation. The hotel features a luxurious spa that offers a range of treatments inspired by ancient Inca techniques, using indigenous ingredients to rejuvenate both body and soul. In addition, the hotel boasts an exclusive heated outdoor pool, allowing guests to bask in opulent comfort while soaking in the panoramic views of the city and surrounding mountains.


While embracing opulence and comfort, the Belmond Palacio Nazarenas is also committed to sustainability. The hotel implements eco-friendly practices, including waste reduction and energy conservation, as well as supporting local communities through various initiatives.

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When to go to Peru

Peru is a country that can be visited year-round, as it has a diverse climate and a range of activities to suit every season. Here's a short month-by-month guide to help you decide when to visit:

  • Best
  • Good
  • Mixed
  • Jan
  • Feb
  • Mar
  • Apr
  • May
  • Jun
  • Jul
  • Aug
  • Sep
  • Oct
  • Nov
  • Dec


January is a great time to visit the coastal regions of Peru, including Lima, Paracas, and Mancora. The weather is warm and sunny along the coast, making it perfect for beach activities and water sports.

Coastal Areas (Lima, Paracas, Nazca): Warm and humid with temperatures around 25-30°C (77-86°F).

Highlands (Cusco, Machu Picchu): Rainy season, so expect occasional showers and some trekking routes may be closed.



In February, you can experience the vibrant Carnival celebrations in various cities like Cajamarca and Puno. The festivities feature colorful parades, music, and dancing, offering a unique cultural experience.

Coastal Areas: Remains warm and humid with temperatures similar to January.

Highlands: Still the rainy season, but rainfall starts to decrease towards the end of the month. Some trekking routes may be accessible again.



March is an excellent time for outdoor activities in the Andes as the rainy season starts to wind down. It's a good month for trekking and exploring the natural beauty of the mountains.

Coastal Areas: The weather remains warm, but humidity starts to decrease.

Highlands: The rainy season is ending, and the landscape is lush and green.



It's an ideal time to visit the jungle regions, where you can witness lush vegetation and a variety of wildlife.

Coastal Areas: Autumn sets in, temperatures begin to drop, and fog becomes more common in Lima.

Highlands: The start of the dry season, making it an excellent time to visit Cusco and Machu Picchu.



May is a shoulder season with generally mild weather and fewer tourists. It's a good time to explore popular destinations like Machu Picchu and Cusco before the peak tourist season begins.

Coastal Areas: Foggy mornings in Lima, but the sun usually breaks through later in the day.

Highlands: The dry season continues, with pleasant and sunny days.



June is an excellent month to visit Cusco and attend the Inti Raymi festival, which celebrates the Incan sun god Inti. This festival features colourful processions and ancient rituals, adding to the cultural richness of the experience.

Coastal Areas: Cool temperatures in Lima due to the influence of the cold Humboldt Current.

Highlands: One of the best months to visit Cusco and Machu Picchu, with minimal rainfall and comfortable temperatures during the day.



July is the peak tourist season in Peru, especially around Independence Day (July 28th). It's a great time to visit all regions of the country, including the coast, mountains, and rainforest.

Coastal Areas: Lima's winter, cool and misty.

Highlands: Dry season continues, but July also marks the beginning of the high tourist season. Plan ahead and expect crowds



August is a good time to trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, but make sure to book in advance, as permits can sell out quickly during this popular time of year.

Coastal Areas: Similar to July, cool and misty in Lima.

Highlands: High tourist season continues. It's essential to book treks and accommodations in advance.



September is a transition month when the crowds start to thin out, and the weather remains pleasant in most regions. It's a good time for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

Coastal Areas: Springtime starts, and temperatures begin to rise in Lima.

Highlands: Crowds start to thin out, but the weather remains favourable.



October is another shoulder season with fewer tourists. The weather is still favourable, making it an ideal time for exploring different parts of the country.

Coastal Areas: Pleasant spring weather in Lima.

Highlands: The dry season continues, and this month is still a good time to visit.



November marks the beginning of the rainy season on the coast, so it's best to focus on the Andes and the Amazon during this month.

Coastal Areas: Springtime in Lima, with warmer temperatures.

Highlands: The dry season ends, and the rainy season begins, so expect occasional showers.



It is festive time in Peru, with various Christmas and New Year celebrations taking place throughout the country. Coastal regions are popular for holiday getaways, with warm weather and beach activities.

Coastal Areas: Warm and comfortable temperatures in Lima, ideal for beach activities.

Highlands: The rainy season continues, but it's still possible to visit. Just be prepared for wet conditions.


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