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Trekking Safari In The Serengeti With Wayo

Serengeti Walking & Trekking Safaris and Camps

Immerse yourself in true wilderness and discover the Serengeti on foot
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Immerse yourself in true wilderness and discover the Serengeti on foot

Access vast untouched wilderness in complete solitude and follow the wildebeest migration far away from the crowds.

If you're looking for a more adventurous way to explore the wilderness of Tanzania, then you'll want to consider a walking or trekking safari in the Serengeti. The camps really are one-of-a-kind, and the safari is full of adventure that you won't experience on a 'standard' safari holiday.

Safaris on foot are the best way to really get a feel for the landscape, and the wildlife that inhabits it. Walking safaris in Tanzania offer a really authentic experience, making you a participant rather than just a spectator. It's a completely different activity to game drives. You'll be walking in the giant footsteps of elephants, feel the wind in your hair, and smell the bush and it's wildlife up close. Here all your senses are engaged, and the wilderness feels more real. Encountering animals in the bush definitely gives a rush of adrenaline, and walking is also a great way to appreciate the smaller creatures that often get missed on game drives.


On foot you can access remote areas that are unreachable by vehicle, as you aren't constrained by roads and can venture almost anywhere you like. This is true freedom at its finest. The landscape in these remote areas of the Serengeti comprise gentle rolling hills, small streams, green valleys and small grassy plains punctuated by pockets of acacia forest. The looming granite outcrops (calls 'kopjes') just add to the picture.


Africa is a pioneer of walking safaris, and operate their walks inside wilderness and rhino protection zones where few others are allowed, so the experience is a real privilege. All walks are accompanied by a qualified walking guide and an armed ranger.

The Serengeti is home to a huge array of wildlife, birds and insects, and much of it is resident year round thanks to the permanent springs here. The camps and walking locations seasonally move to coincide with the wildebeest migration.


Serengeti WALKING Safaris

The Walking

There are several different walking safari packages available, from simple 2-day experiences, to a full week walking from camp to camp. You won't need to carry anything besides a small day pack with your essentials for the day, water, and a snack. The day usually begins with a light breakfast before starting the walk at 6.30 am. It sounds early but it's the best time of day to be out in the bush, before it gets too hot, and whilst the animals are active. You'll enjoy a packed breakfast perched up on a rock or beside a stream whilst out on the walk. The guide will aim to have you back in camp before the temperature rises, ready for a sit down lunch in comfort. Afternoons are about relaxing in shady spots around camp, before heading out for a shorter walk to enjoy the African sunset before dinner.


The Camps

The walking camps give visitors access to remote parts of the Serengeti without compromising on comfort. It's the perfect way to experience nature at its best, living in harmony alongside undisturbed wildlife in the serene surroundings of the most famous national park in Africa. These small comfortable, mobile camps are designed to fit onto a small trailer which can be easily towed into the bush to keep up with the migration as the animals move around the plains. Camp locations are always stunning.


The Tents

The 3-man dome tents are simple to erect with plenty of room for 2 people. Guests sleep on comfortable 4-inch mattresses on bed frames, with cotton duvets and a bathroom a small distance behind the tent. There are bucket showers and shallow-pit toilets for a true safari bush experience.


If you're feeling adventurous you can even spend the night in a star tent, which is made completely out of gauze so you can look at the stars whilst lying in bed. There are fly sheets available that can easily be put up if it rains.

The Food

You may be far out in the wild, but you certainly won't be going hungry. A lot of the meal preparation is done in Arusha, allowing for elaborate 3-course affairs to be served to you out in the bush. A small crew will be on hand to rustle up the tasty treats, which you'll eat under the stars, although there is a small mess tent that can be used in case of bad weather.


Serengeti TREKKING Safaris

A trekking safari is perfect for the more adventurous multi-day hiker who doesn't mind carrying a backpack during the day. Using lightweight mobile camps makes it possible for guests to follow the wildlife rather than having to stick to a set route. You'll trek from place to place, going where the adventure takes you.


The Camps

You'll be sleeping in lightweight tents with comfortable blow-up mattresses, sleeping bags and mosquito mesh tops and sides, which lets you drift off to sleep whilst watching at the twinkling stars above, in the middle of the bush. There are trekking stools too so you won't have to rough it!


The Food

The camp crew will prepare all the meals, which consist of tasty, nutritious and filling dishes which is great for hiking, and easy to carry. Ultra-lightweight camp chairs are provided so you can enjoy a comfortable sit down whilst eating your meals.


Trekking Equipment

Guests are provided with comfortable Osprey rucksacks so you don't need to bring one from home.

Eco Friendly

All the Walking and Trekking Safari Camps operate in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, with low impact energy creation, minimal camp waste, and as little plastic as possible.


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