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Let Your Wildlife Dreams Come True.

Unveiling Costa Rica's rich ecosystems: journey through pristine rainforests, coastal habitats, and mountainous landscapes for extraordinary encounters.

Costa Rica, is a haven of biodiversity and, offers unparalleled opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the wonders of nature. With its abundant rainforests, sprawling beaches, and diverse ecosystems, this tropical paradise is a sanctuary for incredible flora and fauna.

Costa Rica is home to an extraordinary array of creatures, from vividly coloured birds and elusive jungle cats to dazzling amphibians and marine life. Explore the renowned Corcovado National Park, home to jaguars, tapirs, and countless species of birds. Witness the captivating sight of sea turtles nesting on the pristine beaches of Tortuguero National Park. Marvel at the acrobatic displays of humpback whales as they migrate along the Pacific coast.

The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve offers a mystical setting to observe resplendent quetzals, howler monkeys, and a rich variety of flora. For a unique experience, venture into the canals of Tortuguero on a guided boat tour, where you'll encounter playful monkeys, sleepy sloths, and an abundance of tropical birdlife.

A highlight of your expedition will be a visit to Manuel Antonio National Park, renowned for its picturesque beauty and incredible biodiversity. Walk along scenic trails, surrounded by lush foliage, as you spot capuchin monkeys swinging through the trees and listen to the calls of tropical birds. Relax on flawless beaches and cool off in crystal-clear waters, surrounded on all sides by an environmental utopia.

To maximise your wildlife encounters, we collaborate with renowned eco-lodges and luxury resorts that seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment. Experience the comfort and peacefulness of accommodations offering luxurious tented suites amidst the rainforest, or perhaps an eco-lodge perched on a remote hilltop overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

With our tailor-made approach, we curate unique itineraries that cater to your interests, whether you prefer adventurous hikes through the jungle, guided bird-watching excursions, or tranquil boat rides through mangrove forests. Our knowledgeable chaperones will reveal the secrets of Costa Rica's ecology, providing educational insights and ensuring you make the most of every moment.

Witness natural wonders unfold before your eyes with a Far & Wild tailor-made Costa Rica holiday. Let us create a personalized journey that connects you with the vibrant ecosystems and brilliant wildlife of this extraordinary destination. Get ready to be inspired, amazed, and forever changed by the enchanting animal encounters that await you in Costa Rica.

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