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The Seychelles, what not to miss

From diving and hiking to giant tortoises and sipping coconuts



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Published on

02 Feb 2019

Updated on

17 Nov 2020

Labriz Beach

Top tips that you must do…

Hilton Labriz Hamock
Beach Hammock
Coco De Mer Hotel Black Parrot Sunset Dining
Sunset Dining, Coco de Mer & Black Parrott Suites, Praslin

Lounge on the Beach

Lounging on the beach is the number one sport in Seychelles. It's hard to resist the fine, white sand and the crystal-clear water which make the beaches in Seychelles the most beautiful in the world and is one of the reasons the Seychelles is a honeymoon hotspot. Organise a picnic to enjoy while you are there.

Swim in the sea

The ocean temperatures in Seychelles tend to be above 25C which make these waters perfect for swimming and snorkelling. There is a lot of marine life in the Indian Ocean and you can enjoy swimming with colourful fish and even stingrays. The water is mostly shallow for quite a way from the beach, but be careful as there are parts with strong currents.

Go Diving and snorkelling

With such fantastic marine life, you shouldn’t miss the chance to see the coral reef and wonderful variety of fish.

Take photos and then take some more

The Seychelles is a ridiculously beautiful beach destination and you go short of lovely photo shots, do try and get in some of them yourself though as they will make great memories. Who needs a photographer when you can put the camera on self-timer, on a tripod?

Beach Picnic
Beach Picnic
Alphonse Snorkeling
Snorkelling in the Seychelles
Kempinski Seychelles Sunbeds
Sunbeds at Kemmpinski

Go walking

Seychelles are not just flat islands with beaches all around, there are National Parks full of lush vegetation and impressive peaks which offer some of the most amazing views. For the best hiking opportunities, choose Mahé which has various trails, one better than the other. For chillout walks, La Digue is the best place and for checking out an enclosed UNESCO Heritage site, then Praslin is the winner

Sip a cocktail on the beach

There is no exotic holiday without sipping cocktails on the beach. While these won’t be cheap it will be fun and there are usually locals selling fresh coconuts which you can enjoy whilst lounging on the beach. They tend to cost about 50 Seychelles rupees (£3) and they are a good hydration option

Enjoy the Sunsets

The most beautiful sunset that you will see may be in the Seychelles . If staying on Mahé, try Petite Anse. Here you can enjoy the sun going down whilst still swimming in the Ocean. The water temperature stays the same even during night time, which makes it ideal for a romantic evening if you fancy the idea of swimming under a starry sky.

Have a photo with a giant tortoise

Sometimes you can just see a random tortoise walking around in La Digue. It is amazing to just explore the island and come across one of these beauties once in a while. You can also see them in L'Union estate.

Hilton Labriz Refreshments
Seychelles Sunset
Tortoise on La Digue


The Seychelles are not renowned for the quality of the surf but there are lots of mellow breaks around. The main surfing season runs from April to October. You can expect small waves in the waist to shoulder high range which are ideal for beginners or for those old school longboarders surfers.

There are some excellent waves suited to surfers, these can be found at Grand Anse at La Digue, the Kempinski and Four Seasons, Mahe

Interested in Coral regeneration?

There are a few projects in the Seychelles where you can actively get involved in helping the Coral


Fishing is also a massive thing so if you are serious about fishing, take a look at Alphonse Island.

Alphonse Game Fishing
Game Fishing
Alphonse Coral
Hudhuranfushi Surfing

Explore Victoria

There is no visit to Mahé without a short walk around the capital city, Victoria. With it’s miniature ‘BIG BEN’ Victoria is the smallest capital city in the world? Enjoy the local culture, check out the markets, and just walk around from shop to shop. It's definitely an interesting experience.

Go Island Hopping

Even if you don’t want to keep moving hotels its worth taking the ferries to some of the other islands for as look around, just make sure you check out the latest ferry times back. Each Island offers a different feeling it’s a shame to go though and only stay on one.

Rent a bike on La Digue

Here, there are no cars really, just lots of locals and tourists alike pedalling about. With a bike its easy to get out to the lovely beaches on La Digue and drop in the ocean to cool off before heading off exploring again.

Money & Shopping

The currency in Seychelles is called Seychelles rupees. The bad news is that you can't acquire this type of currency before you arrive in Seychelles. The good news is that you can pay in GBP, USD and Euros. Most shops will give you a good exchange rate, although most shops will accept your foreign money but give you change in Seychelles rupees. This is the best way to acquire local currency which you can use during your stay in Seychelles, handy at the markets as it saved you converting into other currencies (which is worth doing so you don’t get over charged).


It gets hot as you are close to the equator it’s also very easy to burn your delicate skin. Temperatures are a constant ~30C, it might drop as low as 25C but you tend not to notice. This sounds like a lot of fun (and it is) but please remember its tropical sun here, which means no matter how great you are with tans, on the Seychelles you really need to be extra careful.

Use factor SPF50 or at least SPF30 and you will still tan but shouldn’t burn (take this with you as you will pay a lot more if you have to buy it locally). Wear sunglasses, white or pale clothes, sandals, flip flops...and lots of sunscreens. Don't forget to apply sunscreen on the tip of the ears, face (unless your face cream already contains SPF) and on your feet. These are the key areas most people ignore and cause a lot of burns.

More than the Seychelles

Why not make the Seychelles your ‘Beach time’ and twin it with maybe a safari in the Masai Mara, Kenya. Cape Town, the Winelands and or Kruger National Park, South Africa. You can also easily stop off in the UAE for a few nights.

Lions 3
Lions in South Africa
Dubai Water Fountain Show
Dubai UAE, Water Fountain show

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