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Saving the Coral in the Seychelles - You can help!!...

The Coral in the Seychelles is making a come back and you can make a difference!!



Africa Specialist
Published on

19 Dec 2018

Updated on

15 Apr 2019

Snorkelling Over Coral Reefs

We all love to see the beautiful colourful and exotic Coral, but for various reasons and mainly down to extreme weather patterns it has been getting bleached causing it to turn white and in time will die.

Dying Coral
Dying Coral
Healthy Coral
Healthy Coral

Want to help?

There are quite a few organisations and resorts that have started to help in Coral regeneration and at one of these you can help and even 'adopt a coral'.

Coral Adoption

Together with The Marine Conservation Society of Seychelles, a Coral Adoption project has been launched. Corals are grown in specially built tanks and then, when ready, they are taken out and planted onto the reef. Guests have the option to adopt a coral and get updates once the coral is planted in their new home.

How it all works

Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove and Marine Conservation Society of Seychelles has setup an initiative to help ensure the future upkeep of the corals in their nurseries and enhancing the prospects to expand our restoration efforts in Seychelles.

CHOOSE YOUR CORAL Choose among our corals that have been placed into their nurseries. NAME YOUR CORAL Name your coral fragment! Is it a gift for someone?

RECEIVE YOUR DIGITAL PACK Digital copy of your certificate. Discover coral guide Growth update after 6 months Pictures and GPS location once out planted on the reef. Souvenir picture.

ADOPT YOUR CORAL FOR A LIFETIME Your adoption costs SCR 400 (approx. £23.00GBP ).

With it, you have made a wonderful contribution to the preservation and restoration of coral reefs in Seychelles

Le Meridien Fishermans Cove Coral Regeneration
Coral Regeneration Project
Le Meridien Fishermans Cove Coral Regeneration
Growing the Coral
Le Meridien Fishermans Cove Coral Rejeneration
Attaching the Coral

Another interesting project is Reef Restoration

‘The Petite Anse Project’ by the Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

Petite Anse, a small bay in south-west Mahe, is the home of Four Seasons Resort Seychelles and the office for a lucky WiseOceans team. This team has created a coral nursery made up of lengths of steel bent into the shape of hearts, these are attached to the ocean floor.

Then pieces of coral that has been broken off but is still living is carefully fixed to a solid piece of steel and put in a coral nursery until it has grown bigger and stronger, after a few months they are then transplanted to the frames in the ocean and left to grow big and strong.

Sponser a Reef

Sponsor a patch of reef and we will transplant coral fragments to that patch on your behalf, restoring that bit of Petite Anse with your help.

You may choose to sponsor a patch that is 1 square metre, 2 square metres, or 4 square metres in size. You will get a certificate of sponsorship, and photos will regularl posted to the Gallery so that you can see the progress of your reef and its new coral colonies.

1 square metre - €90.00

2 square metres - €150.00

4 square metres - €250.00

Four Season Coral Restoration
Four Seasons Coral Fragments
Four Seasons Coral Restoration

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