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Why is diving in the Quirimbas Archipelago so divine?

Come diving with us in Mozambique...



Activities Manager at Azura Quilalea Private Island
Published on

31 Jul 2018

Updated on

28 Feb 2024

Diving At Azura Quilalea In The Quirimbas

What makes Mozambique such a special place for diving?

Not only will visitors to Azura Quilalea Private Island have the opportunity to dive newly discovered pristine coral reefs and gardens in the Quirimbas Archipelago, they can do it in almost total privacy as there are no crowds here.

Snorkelling At Azura Quilalea
Snorkelling at Azura Quilalea Private Island
Azura Quilalea Private Island Preparing Scuba Gear
Getting ready to scuba

What is your favourite sea creature, and why?

I love turtles, particularly the turtles on our house reef, because they are so friendly. They’ve become accustomed to divers and snorkellers which means our guests can get close to them without scaring them off.

Azura Quilalea Private Island Turtle Swimming Over Reef
Diving with sea turtles

What has been your most exciting marine encounter whilst diving here?

I was out with a new Discover Scuba student on their first dive around the Quilalea house reef when we encountered a Manta Ray. We weren’t expecting to see such an amazing creature, so it definitely got our hearts pumping and remains one of my most memorable encounters.

Spotting a large pod of dolphins always results in an adrenaline rush, and they regularly appear behind our mangrove sanctuary on Sencar Island. They are responding positively to my toning sounds and getting used to our presence. On a number of occasions we’ve been treated to rare sightings of baby dolphins too.

Diving In Mozambique Sting Ray
Spotting rays
Azura Quilalea Reef Diving
Tropical reef fish

Do you have any top tips for divers coming to Mozambique?

If you’re new to scuba diving, this is the perfect place to do a dive course from start-to-finish. With the undivided attention of a personal instructor, small diving groups, a dedicated dive crew to assist with the gear and almost no other divers in the area, there’s no pressure.

Dives here are slow and enjoyable and there are very few places in the world where you have reefs all to yourself.

Azura Quilalea Aerial View
Azura Quilalea Private Island is the perfect place for learning to dive

Can beginners have a go at diving here?

This is literally one of the best places in the world to learn to dive. The easy shore-entry access (a few steps off the main beach), to our super-productive house reef, teeming with fish and other marine life makes it easy for beginners to get acquainted with the techniques and gear.

Once you’re in, you’ll be so enchanted with the world you discover under these waters, you won’t want to leave.

Azura Quilalea Diving Lessons In The Shallows
Learning to dive in the Quirimbas
Azura Quilalea Ocean Safari Dolphins
Diving with dolphins

What time of year is best for diving in Mozambique?

You can dive all-year round in Mozambique, so it really comes down to what you want to see.

Our turtles nest between November to February and from January to April you can catch the hatchlings scuttling towards the sea. From July to October, the Humpback whales make their annual migration, passing so close to the island that you can often spot them from the beach. Visibility is best in the dry months of (April to September) and the water is slightly warmer in summer, but otherwise, you’ll be treated to world-class diving no matter what time of year you visit Azura Quilalea Private Island.

Azura Quilalea Snorkelling House Reef
Snorkelling the House Reef at Azura Quilalea Private Island