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Published on

02 Aug 2018

Updated on

29 Jan 2021

Bush Rover Migration Camp Kusini

When a dazzling array of wildlife isn’t enough, it’s possible to make a Tanzania safari of a lifetime all the more memorable and unique in a Bush Rover Suite.

Started in January 2017 these unique suites move throughout the Serengeti three times a year, positioning themselves close to the key vantage points of the Great Migration. Each suite is a fully working Land Rover that, once in situ, folds out into a stunning home. From the beautiful elevated bedroom with its balcony looking out to the wilderness, to the wood panelled bathroom, no screw has been left unturned to smooth your outdoor living. You'll have the modern comforts of solar powered hot water, lights and power sockets to recharge your camera batteries. What more could you want?

Some say it's the coolest invention in nomadic safaris since the camel and we’ve been speaking to founder David Guthrie to find out more…

Bush Rover In The Bush
A suite in the heart of the bush

David, what inspired you to start Bush Rover?

The Land Rover could possibly have a future as a cornerstone of Buddhist culture. They never die; just reincarnate. We are as prone as the next nut to evolving the iconic lines into fitting transformations. At one lodge, our first Land Rover left service and became the TV stand for the staff club, then moved upmarket to be the bar for clients of the lodge. A second vehicle appeared in several guises including as the lodge spa!

From another direction, we witnessed a steady increase in folk arriving at lodges asking to bed down in the car park atop their varied 4 by 4’s. We couldn’t help thinking that our wonderful Land Rovers could elevate the whole rooftop phenomenon to something altogether more fitting. I remember, the opening premise was; there must be a bath in the back. The rest of the journey has been immensely fun, often beyond reason, but always fun.

B Rover Shot
Bush Rover Suite - what a view!
In all its glory

Where do you go and when?

There are eight Bush Rover Suites operating in Tanzania. Four in the Selous Game Reserve and four in the Serengeti where our main focus is the great wildebeest migration. We have three private sites in the Serengeti:

  1. On the Grumeti river in the Western Serengeti - a seasonal camp set from May through to mid-July.
  2. On the Mara river in the northern Serengeti - we move to this site from mid-July to October. Close to a crossing point but away from the crowds – perfect!
  3. The south east of Serengeti in the Kusini region - we set up here from mid-December to March every year.

Bush Rover Bedroom
Large, specious bedrooms
Bush Rover Balcony
Raised balcony off the bedroom

But what makes Bush Rover different to any other camp?

Probably the star turn of the Bush Rover is its balcony. Such an elevation not only allows spectacular viewing of what wildlife is around, but also removes the viewer from the attentions of the viewee. It is possible to creep out of the first-floor bedroom, onto the balcony, and witness a sea of wildebeest completely surrounding the vehicle. Your appearance will not disturb them.

We have created a stylish bush home with much less compromise than you may imagine. A hot bath in the back of a Land Rover is genuinely a great experience, and it will of course, put a smile on your face. Its flexibility also allows us to operate in the very furthest reaches of the parks. The Serengeti migration can be viewed in absolute privacy from the Bush Rover camp, which is saying something bearing in mind the popularity of the spectacle.

Olakira Migration Camp River Crossing
The Great Migration

Why should we choose Bush Rover?

All the inspiration and romance, which attracts so many to its rugged beauty, makes it the ideal choice for such an indulgent experiment. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t smile with delight when they first encounter the Bush Rover. Surely, that must be worth something.

Bush Rover Elephants
Elephants in the distance

What is your most memorable highlight from a Bush Rover trip?

The Bush Rover balconies have afforded me many great spectacles, from wildebeest leaping across the Mara River, to cheetah pulling down young wildebeest, wild dogs settling down to rest almost beneath my feet, or watching intently as openbill storks prise snails from their shell. Mine is an acute angle on the Bush Rover experience however. Having put so much into creating it, the most memorable highlights are on the faces of those who come and join us.

With only four suites in camp, accommodating a maximum of eight guests, Bush Rover offers private and exclusive accommodation. If you want a safari adventure with a difference in the very heart of the safari plains, then contact Far and Wild to include Bush Rover in your safari plans or as part of a Tanzania honeymoon.

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