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Python And Kyle

Kyle Buster Ray

Snake Specalist

Kyle is a 5th generation Kenyan, born and raised in Nairobi. As a child, Kyle was fascinated by the family pet python and the knowledge and skills of his grandparents - professional hunters and wildlife wardens. On holidays, Kyle would stay with his grandparents on their big farm in Tanzania, where he learned about animal behaviour from his grandad and bush skills from a Tindiga tribe bushman. He learnt how to walk amongst big game undetected and developed a healthy respect for the black mamba, which he saw regularly.

In his teens, Kyle competed in motocross representing Kenya in many events, and when he was not on a bike, he could be found fishing or looking for snakes! A two-week work experience at Bio-Ken snake farm really solidified his love for snakes, and at every opportunity Kyle would return to work there. Kyle immersed himself in the farm and learned everything he could from his mentor and friend Royjan, attending seminars and talks on snakes when he was able to. He was even tasked with looking after the snakes that weren’t doing well on the coast at his home in Nairobi.

Academics were not a priority for Kyle, and he left school at the first opportunity he had after his O Levels. He spent a couple of years filling in time, including a 6-month period at the Snake Farm when he learnt to handle venomous snakes and some trainee guiding at the famous 1920 Cottars Camp. As soon as he was old enough, he enrolled in a 3-month course in Botswana where he qualified as a walking guide. During his time there, he put his incredible herp knowledge to good use, teaching about reptiles and snakes. He was later invited back to work as a training assistant and walking guide.

Kyle has worked as a lodge manager and freelance guide all over Kenya and Tanzania, always taking time to share his passion for snakes and carrying out community awareness talks and snake relocations when needed.

When Royjan tragically passed away suddenly in 2019, Kyle was approached by Royjan’s wife to take over the running of the Watamu Snake Farm and he jumped on the opportunity. His role as snake farm curator has placed Kyle in a position to have a voice in the herp and snakebite world, speaking with leaders in the field, attending major conferences and sharing important developments in research for snakebite treatment. When it comes to snakes there are few people more knowledgeable and more passionate than Kyle. Kyle loves nothing more than to shut the computer, get out into the wilds and look for snakes. Where Kyle really shines is in sharing this passion with his guests – never missing the opportunity to show off the unique and sometimes forgotten species and areas of Kenya.

Snake Park 5103
Snake Park
Kyle Kyle Python Natalensis Southern African Rock Python 4
Kyle with a Southern African Rock Python

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