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Ecosystems Abound In This Biodiversity Hotspot

Witness sea turtles nesting, embark on riveting wildlife boat tours, explore dense rainforests, and experience the magic of a pristine coastal paradise.

Tortuguero is extraordinarily ecologically diverse, owing to the presence of eleven distinct habitats within the reserve. These encompass swamplands, oceanfronts, lagoons and rainforests. Highly recommended are the exhilarating wildlife excursions by boat along the meandering Tortuguero canals, offering exceptional opportunities to witness nature's wonders. Additionally, the region boasts remarkable prospects for avid sport anglers.

We advocate for exploring Tortuguero whether it is turtle season or not, as there is always an abundance of intriguing wildlife to be observed. The extensive network of freshwater creeks and lagoons that stretch beyond the pristine beaches of Tortuguero harbour an eclectic variety of life including: the Southern River Otter, the Spectacled Caiman, seven species of river turtles, various crustaceans, and an impressive collection of more than 50 different species of freshwater fish.

Embarking on a guided tour boat or navigating the tranquil freshwater canals in a canoe, you will be treated to a plethora of enthralling experiences. You may hear the resounding roars of Howler monkeys echoing through the air, leaving you in awe, while you watch the adorable activities of Capuchin Monkeys in their natural habitat. As you journey through the lush surroundings, you will be spellbound by the diverse array of avian species, serenading the atmosphere with their enchanting melodies. And if luck smiles upon you, a truly extraordinary sight awaits - the rare and endangered West Indian Manatee.

Tortuguero beckons adventurers with its remarkable biological richness, providing a haven for nature enthusiasts seeking unparalleled encounters. Whether exploring amidst the turtle season or during other times, this incredible destination promises an immersive experience amidst thriving wildlife and breathtaking landscapes.

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