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Cavas Wine Lodge

Sip, Stay, and Savour: Unveil the Essence of Mendoza
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Sip, Stay, and Savour: Unveil the essence of Mendoza

A luxurious vineyard retreat in Mendoza, blending sustainability, panoramic views, and curated wine experiences for an unforgettable escape.

Nestled in the heart of Mendoza, Argentina's premier wine region, Cavas Wine Lodge offers an enchanting escape for travellers seeking a unique blend of luxury, wine culture, and sustainable living. This boutique lodge stands as a testament to the region's viticultural heritage while providing guests with an opulent retreat amid the sprawling vineyards and majestic Andes mountains.

Each of the private villas exudes rustic elegance and provides the perfect oasis after a day of wine tasting and exploration. The villas seamlessly blend with the landscape, offering panoramic views of the vineyards that stretch to the horizon. Guests can indulge in private plunge pools, outdoor showers, and terraces that invite them to savour the magic of Mendoza's golden sunsets.

The heart of Cavas Wine Lodge lies in its celebration of wine culture. Guided by expert sommeliers, guests embark on personalized wine journeys, exploring the finest vintages that have made Mendoza renowned among connoisseurs. From vineyard tours to exclusive tastings and wine-paired dinners, the lodge offers a profound immersion into the artistry of winemaking.


Cavas Wine Lodge not only captivates with its luxurious accommodations and stunning views but also with its unwavering commitment to sustainability. The lodge has seamlessly integrated eco-conscious practices into its daily operations, fostering a harmonious relationship between hospitality and nature. From the use of solar panels for energy generation to water conservation efforts and waste reduction initiatives, every aspect of the lodge's operations reflects a dedication to minimizing its environmental footprint.

Beyond its eco-friendly initiatives, Cavas Wine Lodge is deeply engaged in supporting the local community. The lodge sources ingredients for its gourmet cuisine from nearby farms and markets, championing local producers and ensuring that guests savour the authentic flavours of the region. This connection to local suppliers not only elevates the culinary experience but also contributes to the economic growth of the area.

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The nation basks in sun-drenched days and balmy temperatures. This is prime time to explore Patagonia's pristine beauty, hike through national parks, and encounter awe-inspiring glaciers. Mar del Plata's coastal allure beckons with inviting beaches. The Andes thrill adventure seekers with hiking, mountain biking, and climbing. Urban centers like Buenos Aires offer bustling districts, outdoor dining, and cultural events. Argentina in January is brimming with energy and endless possibilities.



February brings warmth and sunshine to Argentina. The grape harvest fills Mendoza and Salta's air with the scent of ripening fruit.



March brings a delightful ambiance to Argentina with warm temperatures and abundant sunshine. It's an excellent time to explore the renowned wine regions of Mendoza and Salta as the grape harvest takes place, filling the air with the intoxicating aroma of ripening fruit. The northern provinces showcase autumn's beauty with stunning landscapes, while Iguazú Falls captivate with enhanced water levels, creating a truly unforgettable experience. Argentina in March offers a perfect blend of outdoor adventures and natural wonders to explore.



April graces Argentina with comfortable temperatures and a gentle transition into autumn. The vibrant capital, Buenos Aires, is perfect for leisurely strolls through enchanting neighborhoods and exploring its rich cultural scene. Northwestern provinces like Salta and Jujuy come alive with a tapestry of changing colours, ideal for savouring renowned wine regions and vineyard tours. Patagonia's cooling weather sets the stage for outdoor activities amidst a breathtaking display of reds, oranges, and golds.



May offer pleasant temperatures as autumn arrives. Buenos Aires reveals enchanting neighborhoods and cultural treasures. Northwestern provinces burst into a tapestry of colors—ideal for exploring renowned wine regions. Patagonia's cooling temperatures set the stage for picturesque hikes amidst reds, oranges, and golds.



Winter descends in June, enticing snow sports enthusiasts to Andean ski resorts like Bariloche and Las Leñas. Patagonia transforms into a winter wonderland for exhilarating hikes. In Buenos Aires, indoor experiences like museums and tango shows thrive.



In July, Argentina embraces a chilly atmosphere as winter takes hold. Cooler temperatures make it a prime time for winter activities. Ski resorts in the Andes, like Bariloche and Las Leñas, attract snow sports enthusiasts. Patagonia transforms into a captivating winter wonderland, inviting visitors to exhilarating winter hikes amidst snowy landscapes. Buenos Aires offers indoor experiences with cultural events, museums, and tango shows.



August and September maintain winter in the south, offering skiing and whale migration views. Spring blooms in parks and gardens in Buenos Aires.



September brings a transitional charm to Argentina's weather as the country emerges from winter. As spring takes hold, temperatures begin to rise, and the landscapes start to awaken with new life. Buenos Aires and other urban centers offer a pleasant atmosphere for outdoor strolls and cultural excursions. Wildlife enthusiasts can witness the impressive southern right whale migration along the Atlantic coast.



October brings vibrant landscapes and pleasant temperatures. Vineyards awaken, and Buenos Aires hosts outdoor events. Northern provinces showcase blooming flowers and picturesque villages. Patagonia's milder climate suits outdoor activities.



In November, Argentina experiences delightful weather as spring reaches its full bloom. The country enjoys pleasant temperatures and an array of vibrant landscapes. From the bustling streets of Buenos Aires to the picturesque villages in the northern provinces, the atmosphere is inviting for outdoor exploration. Vineyards come alive as new growth graces the wine regions, while Patagonia's milder climate makes it an ideal time for outdoor activities and hikes. Argentina in November offers a harmonious blend of comfortable weather and captivating natural beauty.



Christmas spirit envelops Buenos Aires. Colorfully adorned streets host joyful celebrations. Patagonia shines in full summer splendor. From Andean peaks to pristine lakes, outdoor activities abound. Beaches and wild Patagonia offer unique family holiday experiences.


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