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Geladas - Nick Crane


Geladas on the Roof of Africa

A new Primate Experience awaits visitors to Ethiopia

Geladas, incredibly social primates

A Primate experience on the Roof of Africa!

Geladas are one of Ethiopia's wildlife icons, and were long classified as baboons. However, it turns out these large, terrestrial primates - the only primates in the world that graze - are actually monkeys. They live in the Ethiopian Highlands and where they are habituated, such as in Simien Mountains National Park, it is possible to spend time among considerable numbers of them, as they are extremely sociable primates.

Nick Crane, proprietor of Africa's highest-lying hotel, Simien Lodge, commented recently: 'Gorillas are great but they will set you back $1500 for one hour (in Rwanda), baboons take your food, Hamadryas are downright dangerous and gibbons are hard to find. Gelada on the other hand, are easy to get close to; they let you take their pictures, they don't steal your lunch and they still only cost $4 a day'. Seasoned Africa wildlife photographer Ariadne Van Zandbergen concurs, saying 'I just love spending time with them. When habituated, they are very comfortable with close proximity'.

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