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Published on

30 Jul 2018

Updated on

25 Sept 2018

Loisaba Star Beds Little Girl Samburu Guide

Camping with everything, including the kitchen sink.

Some Bush Campers enjoy the serenity of the great outdoors, but don’t want to compromise on the comforts that they'd have whilst staying at a luxury lodge. The solution for this is a Meru Tent, which is basically a large room that you can stand and walk around in, with furniture and comfortable beds either raised or mattresses on the ground.

Meals are prepared as if by magic and your shower will be perfectly warm, just perhaps shorter than at the lodge because there is a finite amount of water in the bucket hanging above you.

Where can I try this?

Luangwa Bush Camping - Zambia

Luangwa Bush Camping Dinner
Meals prepared to perfection appear as if from nowhere
Luangwa Bush Camping Morning
Meru Tents with all the trimmings in South Luangwa, Zambia

Campers who want to get involved a bit

Bush Camping in smaller, dome-style tents with semi-participation is perfect for families or adults with plenty of energy and enthusiasm to see how camping in the wilderness works. You can get involved with meal preparation or clearing and the drinks may be self-serve rather than handed to you on a platter!

Where can I try this?

Oddballs Camp - Botswana

Oddballs Camp Tent Interior
Dome Tents in the Delta at Oddballs Camp, Botswana

Sleep Out Decks & Star Beds for a romantic adventure

Luxury lodges often offer guests the option to spend a night out in the wilderness on special 'sleep out' platforms, or 'star beds'. You'll walk there before sunset, or be driven after dinner to a remote viewpoint where your bed awaits. The platforms are constructed from natural materials to blend into the surroundings. Who says treehouses are just for kids?

You’ll enjoy all the comforts of a proper bed and toilet, just perhaps no shower as you can return to your suite back at the lodge to freshen up after sunrise. For the hopeless romantics and parents who want to introduce their kids to sleeping in the wild, this is as close as it gets to heaven.

Where can I try this?

Mkulumadzi Star Beds - Malawi

Mkulumadzi Star Bed Views
Mkulumadzi Star Bed in Majete, Malawi

Tree tent camping

A relatively new concept, try sleeping on a tent raised from the ground, firmly secured between two trees, similar to a hammock or slackline experience. If being out in the open excites you, then this will work perfectly!

Where can I try this?

El Karama - Kenya

El Karama Fly Camping
El Karama Tree Camping

Fly Camping - an Authentic Sleep Out

Fly camping has nothing to do with flying. Instead, it takes its name from camping out with just a fly sheet, although these days lightweight tents are sometimes used. For an even more adventurous and liberating bush camping experience, walk or drive to a beautiful spot and take off your backpack, unroll your roll mat, use a sleeping bag if needed, or just lay under the stars and drift off to sleep, ideally after a camp fire chat.

Where can I try this?

Meno A Kwena - Botswana

Meno A Kwena Salt Pan Sleep Out Stars
Sleeping out under the stars at Meno A Kwena Salt Pans

Don’t just dream of the Milky Way and shooting stars, see and feel the beauty of open spaces for yourself.

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