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Neil and Natasha's Honeymoon

Nairobi  → Masai Mara Safari  → Stone Town  → Zanzibar

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Hi everyone! Can we just say, you look great.

You're making a huge effort just to get to our wedding and we appreciate it so much. If you'd like to give us a gift as we start our life together, we'd love for you to consider donating towards our honeymoon. We're off to Kenya and Zanzibar for two weeks with Far and Wild Travel, with a trip that includes safari drives, Natasha meeting baby elephants and Neil putting lots of sunscreen on.

We looked at a bunch of options for the honeymoon and this feels like the perfect chance to take this amazing holiday to Africa together. Every little bit that helps make that happen will mean so much. Don't feel under any pressure to give a certain amount but below we've outlined some ideas of what your gift might mean for us.

Scroll down for more information and click on the yellow 'Donate' button to find out how to contribute.

See you all on the 8th September 2018, when Africa by Toto will definitely be played.


Neil and Natasha x

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The itinerary…

City Living:

We are starting with a few days in Nairobi. Staying in a chic hotel we will be exploring the city and spending some time at the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage. There are no words for how much Natasha is looking forward to this. Logan is already jealous.

Safari Time:

Escaping the hustle and bustle of the city we will head to the Masai Mara in search of lions, elephants and rhino – and hoping not to meet any Irish people.

Staying in a beautiful safari camp on the banks of the River Mara we will go on game drives, bush walks and drink Sun Downer Cocktails whilst watching the sunset. The cocktails will be Neil's favourite bit.

We can’t wait to meet the local herd of elephants that visit camp most days!

History and Culture:

From the Masai Mara we will fly to Zanzibar. We'll stay two nights in Stone Town to soak up a little history and culture.

Beach Time:

For the final part of our honeymoon we will head to the east coast of the island to a beautiful beach lodge, to relax in the sunshine. We will go snorkelling, go on boat trips and explore the beaches for five days. This is the point of the honeymoon where you can expect lots of pictures on Instagram. Sorry in advance.


There are a range of activities available throughout our Honeymoon. From drinks on the veranda watching the wildlife to boat trips around the sandbanks of Zanzibar.

If you would like to donate to our spending money it would be very much appreciated. Please see the details below to find out how.

We can't wait to celebrate with you all on 8th September 2018!!

Location: Africa

Price: £0pp

Suggested donations ....

If you would like to buy a round of cocktails on safari then £20.00 would be great, if you would like to buy a snorkelling trip then £50.00 would be perfect, if you would like to buy us a boat trip then £75 would be amazing! But please feel free to donate whatever you wish.

Safari cocktails lads. It's the dream and you're making it happen with your gift. Thank you!

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