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Seeking the Perrier's black Sifaka

Tracking one of the World's rarest Primates



Senior guide
Published on

29 Jan 2018

Updated on

26 Feb 2024

Propithecus Perrieri

My fellow guide Toky Andriamora and I undertook a trip to seek one of the World’s 25 rarest and most endangered Primates, the Perrier’s black sifaka. We also went to inspect the Black Lemur Camp, where visitors who want to see these very rare lemurs, can stay.

Today there are less than 500 Perrier's black sifakas left. They are found only in a few blocks of tropical deciduous and transition forest in the remote north of Madagascar. The species' two known strongholds are in Analamerana Reserve and Andrafiamena Protected Area now administered by the NGO FANAMBY.

Black Lemur Camp is the place to stay if you want to see the locally-endemic Perrier’s black sifaka, Propithecus perrieri. We went on two hikes and on both occasions, we found a group of the sifakas, made up of 8 individuals. We also saw skittish Northern sportive-lemurs and some Crowned lemurs The Perrier’s black sifaka is almost as large as some of the other sifaka species found in other regions of Madagascar, but its fur is a glossy, pitch-black. They utter the same “mmmmhh” calls for communication and a “vuuuff” sound for alarm.

Perriers Black Sifaka 2018

Black Lemur Camp is lovely as an eco-lodge. It is nestled on a forest-clad hill in the middle of nowhere up in northern Madagascar. But potential clients need to be physically fit to be able to cope with the often humid climate and with the hikes up the steep, forested slopes. To see the black sifakas, you have to hike up a steep, forest-clad slope for about 45 minutes and you will then walk for another 20 minutes or so, deep in the forest to reach their territory. Items that you need to pack for these excursions include a generous supply of water; insect-repellent, good walking-shoes with a good grip and light, long trousers'.

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