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Microlighting over the world's 3rd largest canyon

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Published on

29 Jan 2018

Updated on

25 Sept 2018

The View From The Cockpit

I’m not the world’s most natural flyer. Probably because I wasn’t born with wings and have the eyesight of a bat. But always being up for trying anything once (except bungee jumping, that’s a firm no), I decided that going microlighting on our latest trip to South Africa could be rather fun. And if not fun, at least it would be a unique way to see a bit more of the country.

Eagerly Anticipating Our Microlight Flights
Eagerly anticipating our microlight flight

At 3,000 feet and surrounded by thin air, I was cursing my curiousness. There was absolutely nothing to the left of me except a long drop down to earth, and despite being squashed in beside my pilot Rowena from Leading Edge Flight School, I felt as if I was being tossed about like an Autumn leaf in the wind. Never have I felt so small and insignificant. I asked the amateur question: is it always this turbulent? She laughed in delight and told me it was in fact a very calm day.

It Was A Long Way Down
It was a long way down

Peter and I were microlighting over the Blyde River Canyon, the third largest in the world. We’d found it impressive at ground level the day before, but from up here it was something else entirely.

A Birds Eye View Of The Canyon
A birds eye view of the canyon

Our take off from the small town of Hoedspruit at the foot of the Klein Drakensberg Mountains had been bumpy but uneventful, and before long we were gliding over big five game territory, meandering rivers lined with citrus farms, and of course the canyon itself.

Taking Off On The Dirt Runway At Hoedspruit
Taking off on the dirt runway at hoedspruit

We got to look the part in our headsets, and felt like proper pilots as we chattered over the radio.

Pretending To Be A Pilot With Instructor Rowena
Pretending to be a pilot with instructor rowena

The canyon looked very different from above, but we were able to make out the famous landforms of the ‘Three Rondavels’ as well as flying over the reservoir dam and spotting the tiny tourists far beneath us.

Looking Down On The Reservoir And The 3 Rondavels
Looking down on the Reservoir and the 3 rondavels

It was then that an eagle came to join us. I’d love to say I looked him in the eye as we soared along the canyon walls, but I was too busy holding on tight and trying not to drop my camera out of the microlight for that to have happened. Still, it was a privilege to be up there with the king of the skies, and we flew in tandem for several special minutes before we had to turn back before we ran out of fuel.

Flying High Over The Canyon Walls
Flying high over the canyon walls

We passed over the Klaserie Nature Reserve on the way home to Hoedspruit and I was delighted to spot elephants, rhino and even some hippos from our lofty perch. It’s a lot easier to spot wildlife from above, so an aerial safari is certainly something to throw into the mix when planning your next African adventure.

Flying Over Big 5 Game Country
Flying over big 5 game country

Flying in a microlight was a little scary to begin with, being so exposed to the elements in such a tiny contraption. However the views, the adrenaline and the kudos for giving it a go far outweighed any irrational fear on my part. I’d do it again in a heartbeat, maybe next time for a whole day, and this time with a picnic!

Up At 3000 Feet
up at 3000 feet

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