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Partner Charity: The Leo Project

Providing creative opportunities that are not traditionally accessible to vulnerable communities in Kenya.

At The Leo Project.

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Committed to Sustainable Tourism

Our commitment to working with The Leo Project.

As part of our commitment to sustainable tourism and helping to support local communities, Far & Wild is proud to partner with Kenyan-based outreach charity, The Leo Project. We believe that working with partners such as The Leo Project ensures long-term sustainability and helps to enrich communities. Far & Wild is therefore committed to donating $50 for every person who travels with us to the charities we support.

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About The Leo Project

The Leo Project was founded by Jess Danforth in memory of her best friend, Caitlin, whose deep belief in the importance of accessing arts as an integral part of education and healthcare inspired Jess to ensure those opportunities are available to local communities who might not traditionally have access to them. The Leo Project partners with local and international experts, schools, and organisations to provide supplementary services and creative opportunities that are often inaccessible to vulnerable communities in Nanyuki, Kenya. They offer access to computers, digital literacy programs, art, music, counselling, yoga, mindfulness sessions, a library, as well as literacy and numeracy classes, and tutoring – all of which are open to local children, adults, and families.

“Many can just walk to a hospital, get clinical services, have a child, and go back home.

In our constituency, you will find pregnant mothers in labour who have to walk or hitch a motorbike for 20km to the nearest dispensary, because there is no transport. Then she gets there and finds the one nurse has gone out. Even simple things like vaccinations are difficult to find, so you can have children who still cannot access vaccines for things like polio or tuberculosis. That has a great impact on the health of mothers and children. To some of these women, primary health care is just a mirage, something you talk about in big towns, but very far from their reality.”

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How We're Making a Difference

At Far & Wild, we believe that collaborating with partners like The Leo Project ensures long-term sustainability and helps to enrich communities. As part of our commitment to sustainable tourism and supporting local initiatives, we have pledged to donate $50 for every person who travels with us to the charities we work with. Through our partnership with The Leo Project, we aim to contribute to their valuable work in providing educational and creative outlets, promoting personal growth, and fostering a sense of community in Nanyuki. By combining our efforts, we can drive positive change and create a lasting impact on the lives of those who may not have had access to such opportunities otherwise.

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Join Us in Supporting Local Communities

When you book your Kenyan adventure with Far & Wild, consider taking time to visit The Leo Project during your stay. This grassroots initiative provides invaluable educational and creative opportunities to underserved communities in Nanyuki. By experiencing The Leo Project firsthand, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for the local culture and the challenges faced by vulnerable communities. Find out for yourself how donations directly support programs that empower youth through art, music, literacy, and digital skills training. A visit allows you to connect with the community, learn about their way of life, and see the positive impact sustainable tourism can have.

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