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Laura Dyer

Award wining wildlife photographer.

Laura Dyer is a South African-born wildlife photographer, with a love for Earth’s open and uninhabited places, from the plains and waterways of Africa to the ice of the Arctic.

Having grown up in South Africa, Laura spent a lot of time from her childhood right through university travelling ‘to the bush’ (‘on Safari’ to all non-South Africans). Although she loved it, it was only when she picked up a camera for the first time in 2007 and peered down the lens that she realised that it was these incredible animals and the natural earth, not the advanced accounting degree that she was then studying, that was her passion.

Laura says "Photography opens you up to an entirely new perspective. It encourages new ways of seeing the world, from the smallest details that are otherwise overlooked to the expansive and diverse landscapes that not only form the backdrop to the images but often are, themselves, the stars."

Laura now works as a wildlife photographer full-time, selling prints, images and guiding. Her work has been published in various newspapers and magazines, and has been awarded in a variety of international competitions.

"I love this natural world we share and I hope through my imagery, words, and the tours that I lead that I can impart some of that and help conserve and protect this incredible planet and all her wondrous creatures.

I get a lot of joy from teaching guests how to capture those perfect moments on safari, in addition to documenting their journey, creating memories to last a lifetime."

Laura Dyer Cheetahs
Laura Dyer Lioness Kenya Masai Mara
Lioness in the Masai Mara

Laura offers group safaris, as well as privately guided photographic safaris where the perfect trip is planned and arranged for you, and where Laura will then act as a guide and teacher, improving your photography and understanding of the natural world while you journey together.

If you're not a photographer, why not have Laura join you on a trip and document the beauty of nature as well as your family or group so that you return home with images to keep and memories you will never forget.

You can see more of Laura's photography here.

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