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Sofitel Montevideo

A luxury hotel amidst the splendour of distinguished residences, cafes, boutiques and the vast Carrasco gardens
Montevideo holidaysUruguay holidays· 116 Rooms · ££

Luxury and timeless beauty in the heart of the city

Nestled in the sophisticated neighbourhood of Carrasco, the Sofitel Montevideo finds its place amidst the splendour of distinguished residences, cafes, boutiques and the vast Carrasco gardens. The ambiance is one of refined luxury, where every corner exudes an air of exclusivity and timeless beauty.

The grandeur of the hotel begins to unfold the moment you step into its impressive lobby, a masterpiece that not only faces the beach but also seamlessly blends the elegance of French art with the opulence of the local culture. The suites have fantastic views over Rio de la Plata, panoramic Carrasco beach or the Stella Maris Church. Dine in the impressive restaurant, bar or tea gallery or indulge in a relaxing signature spa.

As you explore the hotel, each detail tells a story of its storied past and the careful craftsmanship that has gone into its revival. The hotel beckons guests to step into a world where time seems to pause, allowing them to experience the grandeur and elegance that defines this remarkable establishment.

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When to go to Uruguay

A month-by-month guide of when to visit Uruguay

  • Best
  • Good
  • Mixed
  • Jan
  • Feb
  • Mar
  • Apr
  • May
  • Jun
  • Jul
  • Aug
  • Sep
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Peak Season - Summer is in full swing with warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine. The coastal areas, including Punta del Este, are bustling with beachgoers. It's the best time for sunbathing, swimming, and enjoying vibrant Carnival celebrations, with colorful parades and music filling the streets.



Peak Season - The weather remains perfect for beach lovers and partygoers. Montevideo's Carnival, one of the world's largest, comes alive with elaborate parades, costumes, and a vibrant atmosphere. The coastal towns, like Punta del Este, continue to draw visitors with their lively beach scenes.



Shoulder Season - While still warm, March sees fewer crowds. It's an ideal time to explore Uruguay's wineries and countryside tranquility. Enjoy wine tasting and leisurely drives through the beautiful landscapes.



Shoulder Season - As summer comes to an end, temperatures begin to cool. April is a quieter time to visit. Explore the historic charm of Colonia del Sacramento, a UNESCO World Heritage site, without the summer crowds.



Low Season - May brings cooler temperatures, making it perfect for leisurely exploration. Experience local life in small towns and the countryside. It's a time to connect with Uruguay's culture and heritage without the tourist rush.



Low Season - Winter begins, and temperatures drop. While the beaches are less appealing, you can explore the cultural side of Uruguay. Visit museums, warm up with a cup of mate, and partake in various indoor cultural events.



Low Season - Winter continues, providing an excellent opportunity to explore Uruguay's inland beauty. Go horseback riding, experience the gaucho culture, and enjoy the serene countryside without the tourist crowds.



Low Season - August is perfect for birdwatching and wildlife tours in Uruguay's natural reserves. It's a unique opportunity to witness the country's diverse wildlife in a peaceful and less crowded setting.



Shoulder Season - Spring blossoms in Uruguay. With pleasant weather, you can enjoy various outdoor activities. Explore national parks, hike, and witness the vibrant displays of wildflowers.



Shoulder Season - The beauty of October lies in its mild weather. The countryside comes alive with colorful blossoms, making it an excellent time for outdoor adventures, historical exploration, and wine tasting.



Shoulder Season - November is the time to visit beaches before the summer crowds return. Enjoy the coastal areas and historic sites with pleasant temperatures and fewer tourists.



Peak Season - Summer returns with warm temperatures and bustling beaches. December is perfect for beachgoers and festive holiday celebrations. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and celebrations that mark the end of the year.


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