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Pemako Thimphu exterior

Pemako Thimphu

Pemako Hotel Thimphu is an impressive blend of Bhutanese architecture, comfort, and luxury.
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Complete getaway in a sanctuary of unspoiled nature and spiritual serenity

Discover serene luxury at Pemako Hotel Thimphu, where Bhutan's capital meets the elegance of traditional design and modern comforts.

Location: Pemako Hotel Thimphu, centrally located in the heart of the city, stands as an imposing structure that dominates the Thimphu skyline, reflecting the architectural grandeur of ancient Bhutanese fortresses (Dzong). As you step inside, traditional murals and vibrant colours adorning the walls and ceilings welcome you to the beauty of Bhutanese architecture.

Rooms: The hotel offers 66 suites and rooms, each designed with a blend of comfort and luxury. All rooms and suites are designed to offer a comfortable and memorable stay. Traditional art, displayed through hand-drawn murals, adds a touch of beauty to each and every one of the rooms. Guests can enjoy views of the star-laden skies, lush green landscapes, and majestic mountains from their rooms.

Amenities: Pemako Thimphu provides a range of upscale amenities for a truly comfortable stay. Guests can savour culinary delights at the hotel's restaurants, unwind at the bar and tea lounge, and take a refreshing dip in the swimming pool. A world-class gym ensures you can maintain your fitness routine while away from home.

Activities: The hotel offers guests a variety of activities, including exploring the city's cultural attractions, shopping, and experiencing Bhutanese urban life. After a day of exploration, the hotel's amenities provide relaxation and entertainment options.

Sustainability: Pemako Hotel is committed to responsible and sustainable practices. This includes energy-efficient systems, responsible waste management, and support for local conservation initiatives. These practices align with Bhutan's ethos of preserving its natural environment and cultural heritage.

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When to go to Bhutan

A month-by-month guide of when to visit Bhutan

  • Best
  • Good
  • Mixed
  • Jan
  • Feb
  • Mar
  • Apr
  • May
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Bhutan experiences a chilly January with temperatures hovering around 4°C. It's the coldest month, and while the landscapes are serene, outdoor activities may be limited.



February sees a slight rise in temperature, reaching around 7°C. The weather is still cool, but it's a better time for those who prefer milder conditions compared to January.



March marks the onset of spring, with pleasant temperatures of around 10°C. It's an ideal month to visit, offering a balance of comfortable weather and picturesque landscapes.



The weather starts to warm up, meaning it's a great time for outdoor activities, with lush greenery enhancing the overall experience.



Much like April, the weather is warm and it is a great time for hiking and exploring cultural sites.



Temperatures peak in June at around 23-24°C. A great time to visit for outdoor exploration.



Monsoon season arrives, meaning it is not a great time for outdoor exploration.



Monsoon season prevails, bringing frequent rains. While the landscapes flourish, it might not be the optimal time for extensive outdoor exploration.



Monsoon season continues, beautiful scenery but some areas may not be accessible due to heavy rains.



October is characterized by crisp weather and clear skies, making it an excellent month for sightseeing and cultural experiences.



Cool temperatures continue in November, offering a pleasant environment for exploration. It's another ideal month for visiting Bhutan.



December sees a drop in temperature, making it the coldest month after January. While the landscapes maintain their charm, visitors should be prepared for cooler conditions.


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