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Sulawesi holidays

Village of Kete Kesu, in Toraja, South Sulawesi

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Visit unique tribal villages, trek through lush rainforests, and dive in pristine waters

Sulawesi is one of Indonesia's largest and most diverse islands, from its distinctive tribal villages to lush rainforests and pristine diving sites.

One of Sulawesi's most remarkable features is its cultural diversity. The island is home to a multitude of indigenous communities, each with its own customs, languages, and traditions. The Toraja people, in the highlands of South Sulawesi, are renowned for their elaborate funeral ceremonies and traditional architecture. Visiting their villages offers a chance to witness their unique way of life.

The Minahasa, in North Sulawesi, celebrate vibrant markets and festivals, and you can explore their villages and historic sites. The Bugis and Makassar people, with a seafaring heritage, have their own distinct customs and festivals.

Sulawesi's landscapes are equally diverse and stunning. The dense rainforests of the Lore Lindu National Park provide opportunities for wildlife sightings and birdwatching. Trekking adventures in the Tangkoko Nature Reserve introduce you to black macaques and the intriguing tarsier.

The island's pristine coastlines are a paradise for divers and snorkellers. Bunaken Marine Park, off the coast of North Sulawesi, is a renowned underwater haven with vibrant coral reefs and an array of marine life. The Togian Islands, in the Gulf of Tomini, offer remote, picture-perfect beaches and excellent diving spots.

Sulawesi invites you to embark on unique adventures. Explore the mystical Lake Poso, the third-deepest lake in Indonesia, and visit the village of Tentena, where you can explore megalithic sites. The mysterious Bada Valley, home to intriguing ancient stone sculptures, is another fascinating site for history enthusiasts.

Sulawesi caters to a range of visitors, from those seeking comfortable accommodations in major cities to those desiring a more immersive experience in traditional homestays within remote villages. Boutique resorts along the coast offer a blend of luxury and natural beauty.

Sulawesi is a destination of remarkable diversity, where cultural experiences merge

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