Covid-19 Financial Statement

As with all travel operators around the world, and indeed almost all business, the economic and travel restrictions put in place in response the COVID-19 pandemic have been very challenging and have forced Far and Wild Travel to move almost all bookings scheduled to travel throughout 2020 to 2021.

In an industry where there have been some recent high profile cases of business ceasing to operate owing to these challenges, many customers are, quite naturally, asking about the financial position of the company and whether the business will still be open in 2021 in order to be able to operate said trips.

With this in mind, the Directors of Far and Wild would like to assure all customers who have trips booked for 2021, both those operating on original dates and those re-booked from 2021, that their trips will be able to proceed as planned. We hold in reserves sufficient cash across all currencies we are required to pay our suppliers in to cover all future bookings that have been made with us. With liabilities covered you are able to re-confirm any arrangements you currently have in place or, sit back and relax secure in the knowledge that your 2021 holiday arrangements are confirmed and the company has the financial security to fulfil our obligations to you.

As Africa starts to open its borders and welcome back tourists after a long hiatus, we look forward to sending you on trips that will create memories to last a lifetime and that we are sure are much-deserved after the events of the last few months.

The Far and Wild Directors

A note from our staff

In a personal thank-you to all customers who have been impacted by the travel restrictions placed on us all by the UK and overseas Governments, the team at Far and Wild would like to express our gratitude for the patience shown in waiting for trips to re-booked or, in some cases, to receive refunds for trips that needed to be cancelled. Changing trips has been a challenging and time consuming process (far more so than booking them in the first instance) and we have greatly appreciated your patience in the time taken for us to make the amendments.

Alistair Walls (Head of Sales) and Peter Felix (Head of Product)