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Best time to visit Egypt

Month-by-month guide of when to visit

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Best time to visit Egypt

A month by month guide of when to visit Egypt

As an overview , the ideal times to visit Egypt are the spring and fall shoulder seasons. From March through April, and then September through November, Egypt offers pleasant warm temperatures in the 20s-30s Celsius without the scorching summer heat. These months provide excellent conditions for comfortably exploring Egypt's ancient monuments, museums and archeological sites.

The spring shoulder from March-April allows you to beat the summer rush and enjoy lower prices on hotels and activities, although some crowds start appearing around Easter holidays. Meanwhile, the fall months of September-November see fewer tourists overall compared to summer's peak. This makes it easier to soak in iconic sights like the Pyramids of Giza without battling hordes.

If you don't mind dealing with large crowds in exchange for warm sunny weather, May and June can also make for an enjoyable Egypt trip before temperatures become oppressively hot in mid-summer. Or consider December when tourist numbers are lower and travel costs dip - just remember to pack some warmer layers for the cooler 20C days.

Ultimately, the spring and fall shoulder seasons hit the sweet spot with comfortable temperatures ideal for sightseeing while avoiding summer's extreme heat and humidity. You'll find smaller crowds plus better deals on travel compared to peak season.

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Sphinx at Giza Egypt


An idyllic time to experience Egypt's top attractions without the sweltering heat or peak season crowds. With average temperatures of 20°C, it's perfect for comfortable sightseeing. The Pyramids of Giza, Luxor's ancient temples, and other iconic sites see fewer visitors this month. You can explore the wonders in relative comfort and avoid long lineups. Hotel rates also drop a little during this part of the season, making it a budget-friendly option. While evenings can get quite cool, the daytime warmth provides excellent conditions for discovering Egypt's archaeological treasures.

Golden Beach in Hurghada Egypt


Much like January, this month offers mild weather and a laid-back atmosphere free from throngs of tourists. Temperatures hover around 22°C - ideal for getting outdoors without overheating. It's an opportune time for leisurely Nile River cruises between Luxor and Aswan before summer's scorching heat descends. The quiet Red Sea resort towns like Hurghada also make for relaxing beach getaways. For the adventurous, February's cooler weather lends itself perfectly to desert camping and exhilarating safari excursions into Egypt's vast, sandy expanses beyond the Nile Valley.

Camel sitting in front of the Pyramids of Giza Cairo Egypt


As spring begins, temperatures gradually climb into the mid-20s Celsius, signaling the start of Egypt's shoulder season. While not quite the peak season, some crowds start appearing for spring break holidays. However, rates across hotels and activities remain quite low compared to the upcoming high season. This month offers a nice sweet spot - warm enough for sightseeing at key attractions like the Pyramids and Egyptian Museum, but without overwhelming heat or tourist volumes. It's an opportune time to beat the summer rush while still enjoying amenable weather.

Montaza Palace Alexandria Egypt


The warm, dry days of April make it one of the finest months to visit Egypt in pleasant temperatures around 28°C on average. Sunny conditions ideal for exploring Egypt's ancient monuments and archaeological sites before the scorching summer kicks in. However, tourism numbers do start picking up, so you'll encounter more crowds than earlier in spring, especially around holidays. Still, the comfortable weather and lack of oppressive heat make April a highly appealing time for sightseeing or taking a Nile cruise between the historical highlights.

Shopping at the bazaar Egypt


Considered one of the best weather months in Egypt, with comfortable temperatures sitting around 30°C and low humidity. However, it also marks the beginning of the high tourism season. So while conditions are ideal for outdoor activities and sightseeing at top attractions, be prepared for bigger crowds and higher prices across hotels, cruises, tours, and air travel to Egypt. If you don't mind rubbing shoulders with fellow travelers, May's sweet spot of neither too hot nor too cold makes it peak time for visits before summer intensifies.

Red Sea at Sharm El Sheikh Egypt


Summer's heat descends with average highs over 35°C across much of Egypt in June. Daytime heat can feel oppressive for ambitious sightseeing agendas. However, it's actually an excellent month for taking advantage of Egypt's Red Sea coastal resorts like Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh. The dry heat and clear blue waters make conditions near-perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling to explore the vibrant offshore coral reefs. Tourist crowds remain thick, so expect plenty of company at major sights and sites if venturing inland from the coast.

Temple of Philae on the Nile Egypt


The peak of Egypt's hot, dry summer sees temperatures routinely soar above 40°C in many areas. While heat and humidity can make extended outings uncomfortable, Egypt's ancient monuments like the Pyramids are no less awe-inspiring. Crowds also reach their maximum, with hotels often booked solid. However, because it's high season, travel providers offer more deals and promotions on lodging and Nile cruises to fill excess capacity. An early morning or late afternoon visit can help avoid the intense midday sun when exploring archaeological sites.

Abu Simbel temple Egypt


As scorching as July, August means dealing with extreme heat that can easily exceed 40°C. This paves the way for relatively fewer crowds at cultural attractions like the Egyptian Museum, as many visitors stick to the breezy Red Sea resort towns. It's prime time for luxuriating in Hurghada or Sharm El-Sheikh, enjoyed with a respite of lower hotel rates and smaller beachfronts. For those who don't mind sweltering temperatures in exchange for avoiding hordes of people, it can be an opportune month to experience Egypt's ancient splendors more intimately.

Cruise Liner in Luxor Egypt Canva Pro


As fall edges closer, temperatures gradually retreat from their summer peaks into the mid-30s Celsius. While it remains very warm, the heat becomes more manageable for travelers interested in cultural activities beyond the beach scene. Egypt's peak tourist season persists, but crowds start noticeably thinning out compared to summer's highs. This makes it an appealing month for taking in sights like the Pyramids and Luxor's ruins, or setting sail on a cruise up the vital Nile without battling quite as many fellow visitors.

Bedouin Village Arabian Desert Egypt Canva Pro


One of the very best months to visit Egypt. Temperatures have dropped into the delightfully mild 20s Celsius, providing perfect conditions for outdoor exploration without battling intense heat or humidity. It's considered the start of Egypt's second shoulder season, meaning tourist crowds have thinned out considerably since the busy summer months. This makes October an ideal time to experience the major attractions like the Pyramids of Giza, Luxor's ancient temples, and Egyptian Museum in relative tranquility before winter's arrival. It's also prime season for multi-day Nile River cruises and adventurous desert safaris or camping under the stars without sweltering temperatures.

Tomb of Tutankhamun in Valley of the Kings Egypt Canva Pro


As fall peaks, average temperatures settle around 25°C - warm enough for comfortable sightseeing yet avoiding the intensity of summer's heat. This is widely considered one of the best times to visit Egypt for exploring archaeological sites, museums and taking in the rich history without the peak tourist crowds of just a couple months prior. Hotel rates in November remain attractively low compared to high season, while the milder weather is better suited to spending extended hours walking around places like the Valley of the Kings. Fewer crowds also make it easier to soak in the atmosphere at iconic attractions like the Sphinx without battling hordes.

Cairo skyline from Cario Tower Egypt Canva Pro


Part of the low season for tourism, December brings pleasant temperatures around 20°C and blessedly little rainfall as well as smaller crowds than you'd find earlier in fall. Savvy travelers can take advantage of discounted hotel rates and airfare while still enjoying excellent weather for walking between sights like the Pyramids and Islamic Cairo. It's an affordable time to visit major attractions without peak prices or hordes of fellow tourists. While some days may feel cool for extended outdoor activities, the lack of high heat and humidity makes up for it when combined with the lower costs of travel during this month.

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