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Group tours are a wonderful way to explore Africa, especially for first time visitors, giving them the comfortable feeling of joining other travellers and the fact that they are accompanied by an expert local guide helps to add a reassuring element to the trip. They can also help to reduce the cost of travelling to some of the more far-flung corners of the continent but guaranteeing a split of often expensive transport costs rather than having to pay for charter flights or transfers as an individual or couple.

We operate two different types of group trips, ones that are solely for Far and Wild clients and others where you will join a pre-booked group trip from a third-party operator. When planning our own group tours we have full control of the itinerary, the daily arrangements, the guide and the accommodation chosen. All of the elements of the trip are planned with great care and help to ensure the ultimate travelling experience for our clients who come from all over the world. When choosing our partners for other group trips, these were vetted with equal care and we enjoyed a number of the trips ourselves, ensuring the quality of the arrangements and that the values of our partners matched ours.

All of the work we did has ensured a wonderful selection of group trips to a varied and hugely interesting part of the continent, meaning that whatever you are looking to do you can book with Far and Wild safe in the knowledge you will have a high-quality trip in the company of like-minded fellow travellers.

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Adventure of a Lifetime in Kenya

Maria travelled to Masai Mara Safari in October 2023 on a trip organised by Ben.

Just amazing!

Lucy travelled to Botswana in October 2023 on a trip organised by Lucie.

Wow….the holiday of a lifetime!

Rachel travelled to Kenya and Mozambique in July and August 2023 on a trip organised by Alistair.

Amazing Experience in Tanzania!

Michelle travelled to Tanzania in November 2023 on a trip organised by Alistair.

Just back from a fabulous self-drive…

Alexandra travelled to Namibia Holidays in November 2023 on a trip organised by Alistair.

I didn't realise my high expectations could be so easily exceeded

Hannah and Elaine travelled to Kenya in November 2023 on a trip organised by Lucie.

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